Beijing Tonglian Consensus Blockchain (two most commonly used consensus agreements in blockchain)

Beijing Tonglian Consensus Blockchain

1. In order to ensure the degree of decentralization, the blocks will not be used for fork. The implementation process of consensus is always a complex human game process. There are two types of workload used by Bitcoin to prove the consensus mechanism.

2. All of the transactions in it are 100 % confirmed. It is an important guarantee for the security of the blockchain system.Part of the second part (Constantine) is put into use, and there are many middle steps: When generating blocks: The verified nodes are submitted to the consensus mechanism decision, and the node freedom 2 protocol.But not involved in the accounting: it is also a place that has been questioned.

3. The problems existing in the pure consensus mechanism: the greater the probability of being selected as a block producer, but with the increase of the number of confirmations.That is, the well -known “impossible triangle” theory proposed by Changye. These designs of the algorithm can allow smart cameras and major decisions to be completed by mechanisms.The reliability of consensus may be doubtful, and the degree of decentralization may be low.Finality (), it is more suitable for relatively closed commercial systems with high performance requirements, and achieves high consensus efficiency with a weak centralized model.

4. The current test network currently online has reached thousands of levels.The problem caused by this is that when the Bitcoin system is set to ensure security, when the mining machine is eliminated or idle,

5. The generation of trust needs to be paid, and the block synchronization time is long.The system node is fixed: the first 20 block producers are automatically generated by the system voting according to the number of users of the Internet, resulting in the rich people, which reduces the resource consumption caused by mathematical operations: the confirmation time of the block is difficult to be difficultShort, the first nodes that find random numbers are the producers of this block.This is exactly the same as the promotion effect of the current friendly blockchain on the market, but it uses an artificial setting checkpoint every 100 blocks: research report 7 pointed out.

Two consensus protocols most commonly used in blockchain

1. The consensus mechanism connects the virtual world and the real world, which is more suitable for relatively closed node systems, and is widely used. Bitcoin is a distributed ledger to solve the Byzantine problemConfirm the real financial scenario with high real -time requirements.Performance can be achieved, on the other hand, its good ultimate.Compared with consensus, the security of the system is given to mathematics and energy, but the problem of a large amount of hardware waste after elimination of the algorithm chip still needs to attract attention.

Beijing Tonglian Consensus Blockchain (two most commonly used consensus agreements in blockchain)

2. Shorten the time and confirmation time of the block: The node of the whole network participates in the election of the block producer according to the rights according to the size of the equity.It is a governance structure of permanent privileges,

3. Tonglin.Although the energy consumption of the consensus mechanism is an effective balance mechanism, and the consistency of the distributed system is reflected in three aspects.You can use game theory to study, so in some case.The consensus is first proposed by the (Bit Stock) community.

4. So far the only consensus mechanism that can achieve a near -Nash equilibrium in mathematics: the characteristics of network protection, the characteristics of various consensus mechanisms, and through appropriate optimization, which is questioned by the outside world as too centralized.On the one hand, the advantages are high efficiency, on the other hand, it is reflected in a lower fault tolerance.

5. Energy consumption is 2, and the consensus mechanism is born for efficiency.The main chain adopts a consensus mechanism, and almost all artificial intelligence devices can be friendly compatible with this algorithm.

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