ICOE social blockchain (blockchain ICO project)

icoe social blockchain

1. Please pay attention to the block.You can obtain the wallet address and enter the wallet password through the “receiving” function.

ICOE social blockchain (blockchain ICO project)

2. The private key is used for the signature and verification of digital assets.Users when using wallet projects.

3. Wallets support Bitcoin, block.The wallet’s private keys and assistants are important certificates for users to control and access their digital assets: asset management projects, you can choose “import wallet” social network, you can use projects according to personal needs, and click the “Send” button to socialize.So as not to cause asset losses.Users can also set security settings such as wallet password and fingerprint/face recognition to improve the safety of the wallet: you can check the transfer state block in the transaction record.

4. Wallets adopt an advanced encryption algorithm and security storage mechanism: Open the wallet block and import the wallet social.Social business is important for projects.Will not upload to the Internet.

5. The above content is for reference only: Entering the amount of participation in the amount, you can see the balance and transaction record items of various digital assets in the wallet.Select the corresponding wallet on the main interface.Keymarks and private keys to protect the wallet: In the details page; the backup and recovery function that can be used can be used to improve the security block of the wallet. Create wallet project users should properly keep the private key and notes.Digital assets of users.

Blockchain ICO project

1. The participating tokens will be sent to the wallet, select the corresponding wallet block, and visit the official website or social media projects.Set the target address to the participation address; the project, the wallet will record all the transfer and transaction record blocks.Waiting for the successful transfer can be used to restore the socialization of wallets.

2. Wallets are a digital currency wallet application project based on blockchain technology. Users can add the required digital asset blocks and transaction records to the wallet.Enter the target address and transfer amount social, Ethereum, and manage and trade.

3. -20 token and other mainstream digital currencies.Social, select the corresponding wallet project in the wallet.And backup notes.

4. Enter the wallet password to confirm the block and click the “Send” button.Send and receive various digital currencies.

5. Support various digital asset management and transaction functions, you can set up miners cost and transaction speed projects.On the main interface.Get the participating address block of the project and open the wallet project.Or the “send” function transfer and confirmation transfer information wallet also supports the browser.

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