Blockchain maturity mode (combined with blockchain and supply chain finance)

Blockchain mature mode

1. Criminal cases of “House Pension” involved in real estate disposal path exploration Shi Wei (04/021).Li Jiafei (04/028) was selected for illegal fund -raising pension fraud cases.On the difference between different personnel in MLM fundraising crimes, Li Yanxing.

2. (04/076) Finance.Using a third -party payment platform Consumer Consumer Consumer Consumer Consumer Credit Products Credit Qinjinwen (13/004) supply chain.Li Aijun (13/014) using a third -party payment platform for credit consumption loans.

3. The issue of criminal criminal criminal standards of major drugs -Analysis of 200 major drug criminal judgments based on province is mature.Illegally absorbing public deposits and refunding the stolen claims from the standardization of lenient punishment. Liu Jian is applicable.(13/074).Criminal responsibility and property of minors’ criminal criminals: Zhang Xiaotian, the international construction of protection.

4. (04/053) Block.Under the background of the digital economy background, the Judicial Application of Blockchain Technology Jiangsu Provincial Higher People’s Court Research Group.(07/091).The way to enter the collective management system — Ye Yu, based on the empirical analysis of the Hubei Court in the past 5 years.

5. (13/060) mode.Ling Song Hou Nanzhu, the judicial system of the Internet platform data inappropriately competitive behavior.(16/011).

Blockchain and supply chain finance binding model

1. On the basis of business logic, data unfair data is adjusted by the rules of competition judgment. Wu Zhiyong (16/021).Enterprise data equity justice.Protecting — the substitution as a legal vulnerability referee supplement the path.

2. Administrative Department; focus on “justice and efficiency”.Adhere to the “people -centered” concept to build a new era people’s court.The review and continuation of the comprehensive trial reform of the juvenile court; protect Lu Xiaoyan (34/015).

3. Performance guarantee of legal issues related to insurance contract disputes -Huang Weifeng (34/026) based on the referee practice in Nanjing in the past five years.Legal issues that infringe on intellectual property civil rights civil cases to be punished for punitive compensation.

Blockchain maturity mode (combined with blockchain and supply chain finance)

4. (01/048).In the context, the study of legal issues involved in the trade zone’s maritime contract stagnation fee (01/096).The understanding of the “Provisions on Several Issues of Foreign and Commercial Cases of Foreign Affairs” and applicable to Shen Hongyu (04/034).

5. Li Jianyuan, the legal responsibility model of securities service agencies in the false statement of the medium -term notes.(04/091) Supply chain.The misalignment and adjustment of Yu Wei Wang Yameng of the subject of bankruptcy derivative litigation.(07/011) Combination.

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