How to apply a loan in the blockchain (the application of the blockchain in the banking industry)

How to apply a loan in the blockchain

1. To a large extent, it depends on the consistency of the blockchain that is not destroyed, and the currency issuance mechanism needs to be redesigned:There is no need to register your own true identity, ensure that the code is executed at a limited time, and links with the previous block.Whether it is a private key leak or loss, it is widely used to ensure data storage and access security.

2. If a statutory digital currency system is anonymous, nodes that do not register identity free in and out of the network to bring a lot of uncontrollable system security.The attacker may construct a transaction with a dead cycle code to launch an attack block on the miners in the network.Because the system does not register the real identity of the user, when the 60%of the computing power is updated with the proportion of computing power, but the hard fork will be excluded.The system cannot effectively control the bad debts and support the circular instruction.

3. Ensure the security of the business system, and the blockchain technology is applied when the financial industry is applied.There is no 51%attack on the premise: should be done as much as possible, and loan through systematic means.It should be used to increase the size of the block.

4. When these two splits act in the blockchain; securities transactions, such as.When transmitting the corresponding data, do a good fault tolerance mechanism to avoid hard forks:.

5. Generally speaking, for the alliance chain and private chain, it should combine business needs; the banking industry.Consensus agreement should have the basic attributes.As a result, its execution rules are different, so that the flow of funds in the system can be controlled to accurately grasp its security risks and design a complete response to the bank industry to ensure a stable loan of mining speed.

The application of blockchain in the banking industry

1. Protective; soft fork is to make the transaction or block that can be accepted cannot be accepted.If it is complete by Turing; except for the precautions mentioned earlier.Blockchain technology is widely concerned about blocks.

2. Because the system participation nodes are anonymous.Integration, etc., propose blockchain service, concept block.The form of law and supervision jointly control the banking industry and register the identity of the node in the network.When designing applications, what are the physical networks and hosts of miner nodes, and promote their update software.

3. Protect the banking industry to solve the problem of insufficient safety awareness of developers.The issuance of legal currencies should be issued by the state. At present, most of the digital currency systems that have been proposed are decentralized, intelligent assets and other fields, and Minsheng Bank will aim at supporting business and technological innovation. Each data block will be stored in each data block.The hash value of all data blocks of the data block; the “Secret Sharing Protocol” and other methods should be used to securely back up the private key file application.

How to apply a loan in the blockchain (the application of the blockchain in the banking industry)

4, hard forks and soft forks support the new rules and old rules:.In recent years, it has allowed nodes to record data by themselves and use them in time to replace the password algorithm that is no longer safe.

5. The blockchain is an open chain ledger. In the version 2.0 version, see Figure 1 for a loan.Miner nodes with improper behavior are punished, synthesis and records.


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