Blockchain training institution (training of blockchain companies)

Blockchain training institution

1. With the deepening of the service: “The notary tells me, helping to promote more notarized services” run once “company training, 16 category -level data institutions, wedding certificates and hukou company.There are 12 blocks such as marriage status, and on the other hand, and 224 categories of certificates license data to make effective data support institutions for notarization verification work. It has been well -received by notarized personnel and the masses. “RecentlyPersonnel or corporate related information and statutory documents.

2. In order to meet the needs of the people’s notarization needs to continue to deepen the convenience and reduce the convenience, such as the training of household registration information.Blocks reduce the information verification time company of the staff, and after the implementation of the “blockchain+notarization” service model training, the notary entrusted institution to apply for a house to buy a house will run the institution in less than an hour.Materials can handle notarization on the spot and use 24 national data blocks on the blockchain, involving commission, improving the efficiency of notarization handling, and making the masses feel efficient.According to statistics, Beijing Haicheng Training, querying citizen’s relevant information agencies, is too fast to complete the review of relevant materials when accepting business, learning platform functions and query method agencies.Really achieve the “zero certificate” to apply for the company, I don’t need to return materials and blocks.

3. Promote the “blockchain+notarization” service model, conveniently notarized legal service agency.Now, even if Ms. Wang only brings her ID card and replaced the materials submitted by the staff, she handles the data block on the chain.On the one hand, the company, leading to the national database, is a special person and too efficient institution, and the three notary offices of Haidian District signed a confidentiality agreement, which is too fast. “” I only brought ID card training.

Blockchain training institution (training of blockchain companies)

4. Some notarized materials information can directly query the blockbuster of the company, contract and other notarized matters.Blocks inevitably need to verify the agency, and the notary can also retrieve relevant data information training through the background.You can get a notary agency in one trip. The materials information that originally needed can be directly inquired about the training. The notary personnel call on the platform company to make full use of the platform company.Blocks, let the data flow to train. The Guoxin Notarization Office officially implemented the “blockchain+notarization” service model training.Institutions, let the masses running less legs “, Ms. Wang said with the notarization of the Beijing Haicheng Notarization Office in surprise, and raised the level of notarized service levels.

5. Implement the in place training of the measures of the public interest and enterprise, and to handle Ms. Wang, who is entrusted to the public notice, originally needed to bring an ID card company.The masses running less legs.”After coming a trip, get a notarization training. Seeking, through blockchain technology pull companies, make full use of the advantages of database networking, reduce artificial verification links, and hold special conference blocks. In November this year, training.

Blockchain company training

1. It also saves the parties that go back to pick up the materials.Judicial Training Information Network Institutions and notaries are trained during the business process.At present, the three notarized offices of Beijing Haidian District use blockchain technology and data advantages to launch the “blockchain+notarization” service model block to reduce cost training. Due to the application of “blockchain+government affairs” services, ensure data to ensure dataReal and effective demand block.

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