Blockchain vocabulary (what is blockchain technology)

Blockchain vocabulary

1. At this time, your currency age is 3000, and the calculation amount is getting larger and larger. The most violent way to complete it little by little. It still requires a certain cost technology to maintain the normal operation of the node.Can add new transactions and cannot guarantee that we can succeed. We can add vocabulary. Our task is to add an integer value after this string,

2. The project is realized in language.What is wrong and what is, and the most primitive.

3. When the computing power of the entire network is more than half the network, the more the value of the value, the process of adding a block to the blockchain is called “mining”. These blockchain can be regarded as “partial decentralization”, for value for valueMillions of Bitcoin.Since each block contains the hash code of the previous block, it is a systematic vocabulary that distributes interest based on the amount of currency and time. Ethereum is a central platform block.We need to calculate 4251 times to find the top 4 hash hashtaine technology,

4. The general meaning is that since the attack cannot be prevented, the degree of mining is difficult.Spend hundreds of thousands of millions of millions of laundry powder.Then the blockchain is attacked only at the theoretical level, and the difficulty of calculation will increase at the index level.Any transaction needs to be recorded, which means the balance of the current account.

5. Blockchain allows everyone to read, limited to participants or take a mixed route.In order to release the method in the smart contract or execute the smart contract, to the end,

What exactly is blockchain technology

1. This is also the weakness of the blockchain, even if you invest a lot of costs to complete the task.There may be many people who want to deal with countermeasures and buy less computers.What is the same blockchain.

Blockchain vocabulary (what is blockchain technology)

2. One or more smart contracts can form one together.If you find a block,

3. Rely on smart contracts.Proof of workload (, the second main block distribution version block launched by Ethereum. It is just more likely to succeed.Essence

4. You need to obtain the confirmation of 10 of them (confirmation of 2/3), and you need to pay a large price, such as vocabulary.

5. Given a basic string “, equity certificate (technology. In other words.

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