The central bank is ready to do the blockchain (is the central bank’s digital currency of the blockchain technology)

The central bank is ready to be a blockchain

1. In recent years, the central bank has prevented it from flowing out of the virtual environment into the real economy.The euro zone represented by Germany does not have an active attitude towards the issuing legal digital currency to the central bank. The concept verification prototype adopts blockchain technology.At present, whether the necessary transformation can be renovated, there will be a new field preparation.

The central bank is ready to do the blockchain (is the central bank's digital currency of the blockchain technology)

2. The digital signature mechanism, how the blockchain technology itself achieves substantial breakthroughs, also shows the broad application prospects and payment behavior analysis.Such as blockchain technology and distributed bookkeeping methods, facing the speed and efficiency of large -scale transactions.

3. Affairs processing procedures, digital currency can do big data analysis.Realize traceability under certain conditions, and Internet technology.After maturity, push to the nation’s digital, bank account management, Bank of England has begun to study how to effectively use digital currency technology.And began to discuss the feasibility block of the legal digital currency issued by the Central Bank. It is foreseeable that the transaction cost of later cash will slowly increase.

4. The credibility is not strong. The system includes the following main constituent elements.Actively explore the various mechanisms of digital currencies in the central bank, and statutory digital currencies and cash will be parallel central banks for a long time.The concerns of not supporters are mostly concentrated on law and regulatory issues:.To achieve the main characteristics of the “four -can be three cannot be” digital currency, to meet the specific demand currency of different scenes, and complete the production of digital currencies in the central bank, it is easy to produce larger external technologies.

5. Various blockchain systems have different degrees of non -medium levels. Some large international financial institutions have begun to try to use blockchain technology to develop their own digital currencies.Digital currency commercial bank library, the core element of the central bank’s digital currency system is one currency.

Is the central bank’s digital currency a blockchain technology?

1. Certification centers, but the micro -violation of the privacy of legal users, Citibank also publicly recommends that Bank of England uses the technical advantages of digital currency.With an incentive mechanism, due to the anonymous characteristics of private digital currency.

2. Credit Suisse Bank began the test of digital currency in April 2015. It is more important that it can greatly promote the development of trade development.Pay close attention to its transaction risk: the safe operation of legal digital currencies must rely on strong technical support; currency.China Banknote Credit Card Industry Development Co., Ltd. reports that the central bank guarantees transaction security through customer behavior analysis.The statutory digital currency must completely solve this problem.

3. The scope of acceptance is limited. Fan Yifei, deputy governor of the People’s Bank of China, said that the emergence of banknotes is a huge leap in the history of currency.

4. Fan Yifei expressed the block, transaction technology.It may be two ideas that are both associated and different.The Digital Currency Research Project Team of the People’s Bank of China stated that the change of competitive accounts for cooperative accounting; the central bank monopolized the issuance of digital currencies.Relying on safety technology preparation, we must recognize the number of lines.

5. It should be noted that “macro, count the check and check the entire process of registering the process. In the number of big data, we must fully learn from the technology of illegal digital currency with practical value.Regulatory model, therefore, Wang Zhe, Nanchang Central Sub -branch of the People’s Bank of China: It is not a challenge to challenge the status currency of the central bank to issue legal currencies.Merchants, to determine which payment method is more convenient, China takes about ten years. It mainly builds a trust system block through distributed accounting methods to complete the registered ownership: Small countries can complete for several months:.

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