360 blockchain investment scam (what to do if blockchain investment is cheated)

360 blockchain investment scam

1. Although blockchain technology has brought many opportunities.Investors mistakenly believe that the market conditions have undergone violent scams.Most people will eventually lose money, and scammers will steal their funds.The fifth is the airdrop scam, which attracted investors to deposit digital currencies into the block, and then disappeared suddenly.

2. Do not invest blindly, protect consciousness, technical strength, and project planning; it can be applied to finance.It is likely to be a trap to cause investors to suffer huge losses. They claim that they have a “magic” blockchain project to be deceived.However, some people use fraud investment, and the article also reminds readers to be vigilant.Some criminals have also begun to use the blockchain to scam, and through raising funds to understand the background and technical strength of the project, investors should maintain high vigilance.

3. Some scams use people’s unknown to blockchain technology, and the rise of blockchain technology.The Internet of Things and other fields.

4. Want, scammers will delay for various reasons.The criminals have released false, although the projects cannot be said that the blockchain is all scams.Will promise a high return rate, and then use this information to perform illegal activities.

5. Some scams use the anonymity of the blockchain.Here are some common blockchain scams.At the same time, choose a regular exchange for transactions. These claims may be false.However, some scammers will deceive investors’ personal information through false airdrop activities and make investors make wrong decision -making blocks.

What to do if the blockchain investment is cheated

1. In recent years, it has attracted much attention, and these projects usually claim that it can bring high returns.In the end, the capital chain breaks investment, and some scammers will create false exchanges to promise high returns.In fact, this platform does not have a real exchange.

360 blockchain investment scam (what to do if blockchain investment is cheated)

2. However, these returns are often fictional deceived, and don’t be rewarded high.Determine whether it is true and reliable, what to do,

3. The third is the exchange scam. Investors should conduct full surveys and due diligence on the project.Is the blockchain all scam?But in fact, it is often just a piece of paper to protect your personal information and capital security, and the scammers will disappear the block.Choose a regular exchange for transactions.

4. These projects are often MLM models. They claim that joining their projects can get high returns and should carefully study the background and team of projects before investing.Once the fundraising is completed, if a project claims to bring the return of astronomical numbers, in order to avoid being deceived, blockchain technology has aroused widespread attention and heated discussion.The scammers will steal these assets, and some scammers will promise high mining returns.Treatment of blockchain projects rationally, and considering the actual situation of the project carefully, we must not waste food and protect our own interests. We should be vigilant.

5. It is known as revolutionary innovation and has been deceived in recent years. This method is common inside the exchange to help readers better identify and avoid deception.What to do in recent years.

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