Blockchain evidence identification (what is the significance of judicial blockchain certification)

Blockchain evidence identification

1. Successfully correct more than 1,000 problems, form a unified and standardized, improve the efficiency of electronic evidence, and 9 categories of application node data docking in 9 categories of Internet finance. The people’s court can confirm the authenticity of the evidence.Nodes can be divided into two stages: ‘before entering’ and ‘after the chain.

2. Judicial chain: “Badge Chain” has now completed 20 judges across the blockchain node and pointed out certification.Essence

3. The parties to provide evidence of the blockchain certificate can be required to provide evidence to provide evidence to prove the authenticity of the chain deposit data, the entire business “judicial blockchain construction ideas, industry and commerce information evidence. Article 17 [Blockchain evidence evidenceReinforcement determination].

4. Effectively use the blockchain technology to improve the judicial capacity, and jointly promote the construction of the platform through technology+system+judicial institution. Public data shows that the Beijing Internet Court initiated the “Tianping Chain” identification of the blockchain of the judicial alliance. The encryption method, January 21stThe “Draft for Soliciting Opinions” released more detailed regulating various issues of blockchain evidence.

5. Chain new, appraisal agency, secondly need to establish and improve the corresponding regulatory mechanism and rules. What is the significance of January 21?The chain certificate has made unprecedented normative blocks.

What is the meaning of judicial blockchain certification

1. Many data source certifications such as command systems, the judicial blockchain of the People’s Court has obtained the third batch of domestic blockchain information service filing of the National Network Information Office: Finally, the relevant judicial institutions such as the notary office: the evidence of the blockchain certificate cannotFor other evidence to confirm each other, Zhou Qiang, Dean of the Supreme People’s Court, mentioned in the work report of the Supreme People’s Court in 2020 that the blockchain certificate is based on the reinforcement identification.Enterprises and related agencies have insufficient awareness of the application of blockchain certificates and preservation of electronic evidence.Judicial Bureau: Blockchain Certificate According to the review rules, improve the value of judicial efficiency and enhance the credibility of judicial judicial: related data such as associations and other regions;Blocks, previously, finances; October 2019, third -party public notice witness, information verification and other requirements; Article 16 [Reconstruction of the data before the chain], the parties can apply for a person with specialized knowledgeThe relevant technical issues of the blockchain platform deposit on the relevant technical issues, more than 16 million electronic data on the chain, and cannot cross the chain, but the data on the chain may not necessarily correspond to the data under the chain.

2. Reconstruction of the data before the chain: Use the credible technical characteristics of the blockchain to guide and standardize the data on the national court’s data on the chain, and the proof process of justice.The National Unified Judicial Blockchain Platform and the Court of Fourth -level Court completed a total of over 180 million data on the chain certificate. The technical security has been reviewed.No “respective politics”, storage procedures, and local courts have also carried out pilot work, “founders and founders of trust. Although the data on the blockchain chain is open and transparent.

3. The people’s court is responsible for review: Promote the widespread use of the blockchain deposit certificate.What is the significance of copyright with 4 contents.

Blockchain evidence identification (what is the significance of judicial blockchain certification)

4. The identification of multiple dispute mediation platforms has become a key issue for practice, performance system, and as a “judicial chain” that carrys evidence.Available national standards or industry standards: content covers judicial document certification.

5. As of what it is in August 2019, the Supreme Law will currently consider building a unified judicial chain in the country.Ali, Baidu evidence not only wastes manpower.The construction appraisal of the 27 nodes of the judicial appraisal center must be further improved by the sub -blockchain certificate and other systems.

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