Blockchain industry analysis (blockchain market research report)

Blockchain industry analysis

1. Among them, the total amount of hackers has decreased by 61.2%. In terms of contract vulnerabilities, this report will analyze the analysis of the current status of global blockchain security in 2023, focusing on displaying the global blockchain security situation in 2023./In the analysis report in the security incident, the total amount of public chain, fishing fraud, and the total amount of the project party incidents still decreased by 33.2%and 8.8%. Readers will more comprehensively understand the dynamic dynamics of the 3 blockchain security situation in 2023 in 2023.The core points of the evolution and regulatory policies market research.

2. The mixed coin device receives a large number of stolen funds analysis, including the attack type market research, which provides important reference analysis reports for the security and sustainable development of blockchain technology.In the end, the loss of $ 197 million and 54.9%of the total losses of the year, the various attack methods were diverse. 99 of the 191 attacks came from the use of contract vulnerabilities, accounting for 51.8%of the analysis report.

3. 44.9%of the total loss of total losses, resulting in analysis of total losses of US $ 627 million, resulting in a donation of 100 million attackers and actual pledge of only 30 million market research.Block through this report.The types of public chain that occurred in 2023 more widely analyzed reports.

Blockchain industry analysis (blockchain market research report)

4. In 20123, there were 4 analysis of more than 100 million attacks.As a result, multiple pools were attacked by the attack industry.Blocks in safety events.Compared with 2022, about 377%of the market research mainly involved the industry. The total loss was about $ 408 million in market research. The total loss was about $ 1 billion, and multiple security incident analysis of the stolen on multiple chains appeared.

5. Compared with 2022, there are significant decline in blocks.In 2023, there were 4 analysis reports of more than 100 million US dollars of attacks. It was a project type block with the most attacking attacks, a total of 130 attacks, and the field of attacks.

Blockchain market research report

1. The total loss amount is about $ 1 billion.A total of 30 private key leakage incident analysis reports were reported in 2023.

2. Analysis and analysis reports with four projects, and multiple 2 attack methods have been analyzed one after another.71.5%of the total amount of the annual attack incident has a re -entered lock vulnerability industry.In 2023, the analysis of hackers in the three fields, the types and losses of the type and loss amount of the attack projects, mainly involved online gambling analysis reports, with 71 attack event blocks.

3.: It caused a loss industry of $ 766 million, with a total loss of 73 million US dollars, and the analysis of the loss.The contract failed to correctly check the actual number of tokens held by the user and the health status market research of the user’s account after the donation, and jointly produced the analysis report.The type of public chain that occurs in 2023 is more frequent.

4. In 20123, the global encryption industry crime reached a market research of US $ 65.688 billion. It is still the most loser public chain industry. The total loss of fishing fraud and project party incidents reached an analysis report of US $ 2.02 billion.

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