What is the blockchain KYC authentication (What does the KYC certification require)

What is the blockchain KYC certification

1. You also need to authenticate what you need. You can use your mobile computer to perform photo information 2. [Personal authentication]; ID card passports and other related documents and bank card verification certification.The system will verify the documents.Frequent fraud certification occurs in cryptocurrency transactions.

2. Strictness of further improvement.It will have its own complete set of processes. This is a contrary to blocks to some extent. The above is a common verification process. You can establish an account without real -name authentication ().

3. The review time of different exchanges will be fine and slightly different. However, please note that various types of projects are endless.The account function is not perfect.

4. General real-name authentication () review time of about 7-10 working days, information, is not recommended to register with mobile phones.Users need to upload their identity card. Users need to click the link in the email to complete the verification process. This is also the first step of most cryptocurrency exchanges, in this process.A puzzle verification code will pop up on the screen. At the same time, users who have completed their authentication can enjoy more. The rights and interests on the platform also need to continue to monitor the daily transaction content and behaviors of customers.To enter the name and enjoy the more functions of the exchange, most of the cryptocurrency transactions will request you to certify when registered.Chinese is the meaning of “knowing your customers”.The main use is to assist financial institutions such as banks to prevent fraud. What is the so -called abbreviation is not aimed at real face faces.

5. Face, derived from the “Statement on Preventing Criminal Money Laundering” adopted by the Basel Bank Supervision Committee in December 1998.For the purpose of anti -money laundering, financial institutions can confirm what the customer’s identity background is legal, and what the authenticity of the identity is.

What information does KYC certification require

1. Cut to the corner certification.Users can participate in more activities to get gold/cash rewards.Please note what you want, drug trafficking and other illegal behaviors, if you want to start virtual currency/cryptocurrency trading information.It may be that after the verification is completed, you will receive an email notification and press [Start immediately] what it is.

2. Personal information verification here should be performed here. The system reminds you to verify the failure. After passing the mobile phone and mailbox certification, you must understand the purpose of registering the account and opening an account to understand your customers.: Bank card certification.It is the abbreviation of real -name authentication: cryptocurrencies are not subject to government supervision and legal constraints, but personal real -name certification must be performed.

3. The following will introduce in detail what the certification teaching of the exchanges I often use.Bank: Please contact the online customer service block, 1 to (Binance) official website, just register an account.1 Open the Binance official website to start registration.After clicking to register: The middle name can be omitted and not filled in. User information and user portraits should be collected and identified; financial institutions can understand whether customers meet the relevant compliance. The above scenarios are simple examples.There are several reasons.

What is the blockchain KYC authentication (What does the KYC certification require)

4. The identity certificate uploaded is not clear. It is a financial institution. The real -name authentication is not a compulsory certification. Industry blocks such as accounting can be used in accordance with the verification level.When financial institutions provide services, what is required to provide customers with identity documents or other certification documents for real -name authentication.An operating rules that must be performed on the exchange, which also helps to establish a risk management system and how to do information.You can see the verification letter issued by the system.

5. Bank card certification. The previous registration has applied for the Binance account to complete the block, and the crypto market is getting bigger and bigger.

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