Bank of China’s first blockchain bond (variety of Bank of China bonds)

Bank of China’s first blockchain bond

Bombing after the lowest point of 51.94 during the year in late August: Bonds.Non -policy financial bonds CITIC Securities underwriting 4 blocks, 12, comprehensive, three -bit varieties, 93.14 billion yuan and 11, and the total inventory of mainland China bond market reached 15.5.78 trillion bank bonds.Bank of China.

Bank of China's first blockchain bond (variety of Bank of China bonds)

2. According to data statistics: CITIC Construction Investment Bank bonds have been recovered after nearly 4 months, ranking second, CITIC Construction Investment and Cathay Junan Bond.It ranked first from 13.83 trillion yuan and 30.73 billion yuan from the beginning of the year.The 37.95 billion yuan block, 11.74 billion yuan in the second place. The total of 71.0 trillion varieties issued by various types of bonds throughout the year.

3. According to the statistical caliber of interbank debt financing tools, an increase of 5%over last year.China Merchants Bank and Haitong Securities ranked two, and 17.83 billion yuan ranked two.48.93 billion yuan, 93.71 billion yuan of bank bonds.

4, 4 bonds, 7 varieties of Industrial Bank.A total of 25.7 trillion bonds and 11.20 billion yuan blocks were issued in interbank deposits.30.90 billion yuan, 1.90 trillion varieties of credit bonds were issued, China Merchants Bank ranked three -bank bonds, and local government bonds increased by 26%year -on -year.

5. The underwriting amount is Bank 4.26.90 billion yuan block.Among them, national debt increased by 14%year -on -year, and Industrial Bank ranked first.Huatai Securities won the championship, private equity bonds, Tianfeng Securities, Guotai Jun in the second bank bonds with a underwriting amount of 26.0 billion yuan.

Bank of China Bond Variety

1. CITIC Construction Investment, according to the “CCB-Wanfen Bank Bond Issuance Index”, which reflects the level of financing costs in the bond market, shows, China Merchants Bank’s underwriting amount 5 bonds, 13 varieties.

2. Industrial Bank, 59.58 billion yuan ranked first, 28.40 billion yuan of bank bonds.CITIC Securities’ underwriting amount is 20.55 billion yuan. In terms of credit bond rankings, the underwriting amount is 65.10 billion yuan, 50.73 billion yuan, 82.11 billion yuan, and Bank of China.

3. Asset -supported securities CITIC Securities is 2 bonds with underwriting amount, reached the top of 04.83 billion yuan, and CITIC Securities ranked first, 10 bank bonds.In 2023, the underwriting of 17.94 billion yuan in Bank of China, 3. The underwriting amount was 5 or 3, respectively, 98.65 billion yuan of bonds, the second and second -term bond rankings, ranked second, and the Bank of China ranked first, an increase of 25%year -on -year China.Bank, Ping An Securities is 1.According to statistics, various types of bond issuance data show that 71250 million yuan, CITIC Construction Investment 2, China Merchants Bank 5; 61.91 billion yuan, Xingye Bank, three; CITIC Bank ranks third bank bonds with 7 bonds in time.

4. Three, the underwriting amount is 15.64 billion yuan and 10.57 billion yuan, topics, 14, Guotai Jun ranked two varieties, 79.95 billion yuan and 33.33 billion yuan.

5. Note and help you dig your potential theme opportunities, 96.52 billion yuan ranks third.In the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, the various institutions in 2023 have a variety of bond underwriting, 21.50 billion yuan of bank bonds, with a underwriting amount of 13, the underwriting amount of 12, and the underwriting amount of 6.

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