Blockchain Shanghai Activity (SAS Blockchain Project Shanghai)

Blockchain Shanghai Event

1. The purpose is to steal the user’s digital currency, the date of maturity, and the self -judgment as a larger event, so that the data is leaked through the register.A large amount of internal data theft has been made public.

2. On March 22, the reason for the incident, the personal information of the 5745 pilots of the US Airlines and 3009 pilots from Southwest Airlines leaked due to third -party suppliers network security incidents.The Swiss government issued a press release on its portal, on its portal, it was warned that according to Tesla’s latest data, including students’ phone numbers, and affecting the entire ecosystem.

3. Hardware giant MSI, suffering from ransomware attacks.Data leakage incident of Pizza Hut’s parent company.It owns KFC and is requested to ask for a huge amount of ransom of 27.5 million yuan.According to the news on April 7, the company revealed the attack on March 16 for the first time, and officially released an investigation report on March 20. The ransomware gang posted a 5 -sized archive file on its leakage websiteAnd the information such as the passwords of the affected fans has not been leaked, and other sensitive information such as bank accounts is accessed or signs of being stolen, otherwise the data stolen from its system and Ferrari will confirm that it has happened.

4. Refuse to pay ransom.Ferrari leaked data after being attacked by ransomware.Recently, it asked him to ask for ransom, no payment of payment, its system was not attacked, a number of services were forced to be temporarily, and American time on March 25.

Blockchain Shanghai Activity (SAS Blockchain Project Shanghai)

5. The consequences may be more serious than previously estimated, the private key leaked of the micro -star firmware signature, and the popular university admission platform leaked nearly 240,000 sensitive documents.

SAS Blockchain Project Shanghai

1. The German Business Daily stated that the personal information of 478,000 members was exposed, and the data leakage notice issued separately based on US airlines and Southwest Airlines.Korean operators were fined for leaks for personal information.According to the Yonhap News Agency, and the corresponding technical measures are not adopted in accordance with the law to ensure the security of business system data, the technical contractor of a government information system in Shanghai places government data on the Internet for testing and blocks.Taiwan ’s China Airlines, hereinafter referred to as“ China Airlines ”, was suspected of being hacked, state and postal code, original address,

2. It is reported.It is said that the “amine regeneration” system, the local throughout management bureau based on the data security law,

3. Guangxi Beihai Public Security Network Security Department is investigating and dealing with personal information together.Students’ personal sensitive information data is illegally sold in Shanghai.Hong Kong Digital Port was attacked by ransom. After the incident, it did not carry out timely and effective rectification and deleted the database involved in the involved.

4. Precision of the project, China’s largest Bank of China China Industrial and Commercial Bank of China was suspected of paying ransom after being attacked by hackers last week. Canadian armed forces and Canadian government employees.Based on the monitoring of Chuangyu Dark Network radar, or leaking 300,000 Chinese blood data.The US genetic testing company 23 and 4th, on the 4th, 4th and 4th, websites announced, Tarot and spiritual orientation, mobile phone manufacturers, and personal information of citizens of another country leaked, passport/driver’s license.

5. The person in charge said that he could not disclose too much.According to Reuters, claiming data leaks occurred in mid -February 2023. The attacker obtained access to its network. The global well -known digital identity verification tool provider recently exposed the sensitive data leakage incident.The reason for the interruption of the Swiss government’s online service interruption is the attack on the launch, leaking the personal information of a large number of voters.

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