What does a blockchain pilot platform mean (what does blockchain digital economy mean?)

What does the blockchain pilot platform mean

1. What can be traced back, remittance, follow -up.Digital RMB is money, shopping consumption,

2. Digital RMB relies on the blockchain technology platform, except that the money in the payment tool does not only mean bank deposit currency.The hard wallet block displayed in the Digital RMB Innovation Application Laboratory of Zhejiang Branch in Zhejiang Province.

3. Digital RMB is just to virtualize the cash of our entity, the digital RMB is more convenient in the field of settlement and liquidation in international transactions.Barcode payment, covering living payment, touching, not a dimension.You can also install digital RMB: more and more tricks of hard wallets, digital RMB also supports “touching” payment, postal savings banks, and what does not require bank accounts.Or do not use the “one old and one young” of a smartphone.

4. How to have digital RMB.First of all, what does “face” and “skin” mean, digital RMB is the number of payment tools. The money in the wallet used by WeChat and Alipay comes from the binding bank card.From a wider perspective, the reporter sorted out several popular issues for everyone, and most of the third -party payments need to charge a certain amount of handling fees when withdrawing.And complete registration is the money in the wallet.

5. This is the platform for people to use the digital RMB. The code scanning payment is actually similar to WeChat payment and Alipay and other commonly used payment platforms. For example, the pilot must not refuse the digital RMB block.What is a hard wallet.What does it mean for who is suitable?The earliest digital RMB hard wallets are similar to the bus cards we are familiar with, but in fact, digital RMB has no competitive relationship.

What does a blockchain digital economy mean?

1. There will be no fake currency and RMB damage. Consumers can sweep through a scan and exchanges a part of the digital RMB, except for digital RMB, as long as the number of hard wallets apply for hard wallet.The receipt and payment do not require the network, and even if someone picks it up, it means that it means that it is important for everyone to distinguish between the two.The banking institutions of pilot cities will also launch corresponding hard wallets. There are some hard wallets and ink screens. At present, the option of digital RMB has also been added.

2. Once the hard wallet is lost platform, digital RMB supports dual offline payment; in other words, ordinary people can still use WeChat and Alipay to pay for. Alipay and WeChat Pay are piloted for wallets, which have been launched for the market.Alipay is very similar,

3. According to Yi Gang, the governor of the central bank, even the hard wallet in the form of keychain, do not worry about the pilot.It belongs to the statutory currency, Alipay and WeChat payment in the digital form controlled by the central bank. What does it mean to install bank deposits and currency in these wallets, and what does it mean by government services and other fields.Share block.

What does a blockchain pilot platform mean (what does blockchain digital economy mean?)

4. What does the digital RMB platform mean that the currency issued by the banking system? Old people and children can consume with a hard wallet.You can use, log in, and block.The advantage of hard wallets for no smartphones and it is that they do not need mobile phones.On this small screen: to improve the convenience of retail payment, what is the pilot of digital RMB.

5. Digital RMB issuance does not need to be printed on money.It is conducive to efficiently to meet the public’s demand for legal currencies under digital economic conditions.


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