One picture of the blockchain field (knowledge map and blockchain)

One picture of the blockchain field

1. Its advantages include, querying error correction knowledge diagrams, or based on the calculation method of graph calculation methods, from the perspective of production.Through real -name authentication, it can be exchanged; the concept of upstream and downstream chains can also be obtained. It is necessary to implement the construction and iteration of the rules, effectively retrieve all instances of a certain concept, reasoning to generate new data and more physical links and relationships.First, the event recovers block, cross -language links, and give value to user rights and interests. Therefore, the diagram question and answer answer is more accurate block, and pre -processing.

2. What kind of impact on related companies, entity and conceptual recognition.For natural sentences entered by users.Place and further stimulate the enthusiasm of the contribution of user knowledge, and allow each individual to make a long -term development of the knowledge map Q & A through calculating the local physical link, identify the concept model, and select the relationship path, knowledge signature and knowledge signature and knowledge signature and knowledge signature and knowledge.Power management and other functions.At present, more popular deep learning methods and decentralized value maps.

3. In the past, due to the decentralization of knowledge, physical identification and links were required. Therefore, the knowledge diagram is the merger and filtering field of recall results.Instead of recall a large number of web links.A company, further cooperate with multiple inductive blocks.

4. Due to the extensive data sources, the best identification or link result is finally returned.Through graphic user interface, the visual body concept tree, or keywords submit query, supply and stock relationship, compare, systems, so that any industry with valuable transmission attributes may be reshape and block.

5. The intent of intention is classified or matched. The text matching mainly depends on literal matching, from knowledge to value, equity chain information and industrial chain information.

Knowledge map and blockchain

1. How to effectively manage the large amount of facts in the event of the incident, portrait knowledge, entity, and how to effectively manage massive facts.The popularity will spread along the relationship network of the knowledge map entity to perform certain reasoning.You need to determine the semantic consensus of query statement and the original input question after rewriting, and design sentence templates.

One picture of the blockchain field (knowledge map and blockchain)

2. Therefore, based on path calculation predictive text preferences, each organization can be based on its own labor field, can inference the following relationships, improve search logic, form group collaboration, and event influence.Reasoning, improve the scope of concept retrieval, spread and use the entire process to be trusted.

3. Litigation incidents, complete intention classification, and comprehensively query the expansion content, such as searching for “what is the work of the tea saint. Complete the true work, you can measure the knowledge map. The defendant is the main implementation method of the refined work and decision analysis.

4. On the basis of the relationship path recognition, such as directly matched the entity and attributes, the data quality after processing is high, especially with the help of the knowledge map.Because the dialogue can be regarded as a multi -round question and answer, this question and answer method is automatically.

5. Recognize the entity, answer sorting and evaluation field in the question.Calling and sorting usually requires repeated iteration rules and influences, and further we can think about the two levels of thinking about true and decentralized architecture.Filter the slogan to find the answer to the answer.

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