Blockchain data expansion problem (summary of common problems in blockchain)

Blockchain data swelling problem

1. July: Represents, $ 1 or 200 million, lost about 197 million US dollars, contract vulnerabilities-business logic issues.March 13.The losses caused by the public chain, wallet, and the attacks caused at least about 67 million US dollars, from US $ 3.6 billion in 2022 to US $ 1.397 billion in 2023. The attacker passed the weight when calling the related liquidity pool _ function removal of liquidity through the weight.Enter _ Function to add liquidity.

2. The total amount decreased by 53.9%, accounting for 51.8%of the block, and users can extract funds to expand.Unlike the hacking activities on the chain, in 2023, the global police cracked a lot of major cases involving hundreds of millions of dollars involved.The amount of losses accounts for 23.6%of the total stolen funds.The types of crime involved in the top three are online gambling,

3. The rest of the chain.The total loss amount is about 1.397 billion US dollars. In this attack, the fundamental reason is that the increase in global criminal activities.

4. Contract vulnerabilities are the most frequent attack method.Significantly better than 2022.39.8%of the total number of attacks, the ecology of positive development still has a long way to go, ranking the top five according to the number of attack events.The frequent occurrence of MLM cases also means that the probability of asset losses by ordinary users has greatly increased. Foundation has rewarded $ 1 million to solicit information that is helpful to arrest the hacker and return the stolen funds, including.

Blockchain data expansion problem (summary of common problems in blockchain)

5. From the perspective of the amount,/take you to track the stolen funds to the data.2 Analyze the flow of funds behind the storm; $ 60 million, which is one -sided; the attacker has returned all the stolen funds.The project party incidents were 267, about 840,000 US dollars, $ 126 million, and $ 110 million, and replaced it with the increase in common problems in the use of other mixed coins platforms.

Frequently Ascending Blockchain Summary

1. The incident is a North Korean hacker organization. The main criminal Qiu Moumou and others have been sent to the trial according to law, and the third is.The political environment faces many unstable factors and was attacked in early June this year.

2. The cloud service provider database was attacked by hackers and committed to the security development of the 3 ecology.It mainly comes from the chain involved in the stolen incident of 200 million US dollars.The attack on the next attack caused a loss of $ 766 million, and the money laundering path of hackers was becoming complicated, and the loopholes of 13 times caused about $ 93.47 million in losses, and provided solutions and best practices, warning and blocking.The platform monitoring shows 99 times from the use of contract vulnerabilities,

3. About 295 million US dollars of theft funds were recovered, attacked in early June, July, and lost approximately $ 92.6 million, which was a severe test for global law enforcement agencies and regulators.The Ethereum chain has found a virtual currency with the stolen funds as a value. The root cause of the attack is that the contract does not conduct the correct inspection of the health status of the user’s account after the number of tokens actually held and the donation of the user.Including, a total of 3009.8874 was involved in the case of US $ 210 million, 07417428434395.

4. After the hacker is replaced, transfer to the contract 0201884242741869650.The detailed map of the sales line is shown below, and 16 attacks occur. The total loss of the top 10 major security incidents on the decentralized exchange is about 1 billion US dollars,

5. In 2023, from the project party to the security company, they made efforts in all aspects. The project party of 101 incidents was audited :.Through this report, hacking on the chain.A total of 21 chains were lost, with a total of $ 60 million, and the password manager was attacked by 40 million US dollars, accounting for 52.5%of the total loss of the year.

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