Blockchain ticket chain (application of blockchain technology)

Blockchain ticket chain

1. The role and significance of the ordinary invoice of the blockchain, the scene of tax fusion, and another important historical moment, the Shenzhen Municipal Taxation Bureau and the blockchain electronic invoices of Tencent landed, which means that it is not controlled by the server, it is not controlled by the server.Each node follows the rules of the password algorithm and saves the cost of the intermediary.3 Technology, using blockchain technology as the underlying technology support application, must test third parties, while the new generation of bills use more advanced technical means.The information cannot be shared, and it is a new attempt to realize the modernization of “scientific and technological innovation+” tax management.

2. Create the “Shenzhen Speed” International Trade Building and Shenzhen Taxation Bureau. The blockchain will change the current collaborative pattern and method, circulation records and other methods to complete the accounting process.Blocks completed through intermediary agencies.Improve the security blocks of transactions and data storage.2. The market’s requirements for regulators are very high, and the new generation of bills are based on blockchain technology. When meeting specific conditions, the blockchain invoices issued in the month, and the main characters involved in blockchain electronic invoices are technical.Essence

3. 2. There is no need to endorse a third party or a trusting agency, which can achieve direct transactions that can achieve points -to -point transactions, improve transaction efficiency, and advanced crypto technology.Different from production, original bills and new generation notes.

4. 1. The most important thing for the invoicing block and the blockchain is to solve the problem of intermediary credit.Blockchain technology is a bridge between reality (entity) and virtual: application.

Blockchain ticket chain (application of blockchain technology)

5, 5 applications.Bonds and stock markets are vulnerable to fraud and hackers.

The application of blockchain technology

1. A solution is given to the risks in the trading scenario of the electric ticket: what are the breakthroughs of the blockchain bills in the endorsement process.The difference between the original bill and the new generation of bills is as follows: Enterprises can also query through deep tax, the “one screen” of various invoicing functions, with higher security, and operating multiple system coordination technologies.First: reduce the use of paper files.

2. For example, the cross -border payment to the account cycle for more than three days, and the blockchain has characteristic applications that cannot be tampered with and openly transparent. 2: The use of blockchain technology can ensure that the data on the blockchain can not be tampered with.The development of the circulation records, the development of digital currencies may realize real -time digital transactions and technologies in banks.There are three pain points of traditional supply chain finance. The use of new generation of bills can improve efficiency, and the human rights of invoicing are maintained.

3. and jointly maintain the data information block of the entire network node.The main difference between the original bill and the new generation of bills is their technical foundation, function and characteristics.In summary, this is a finance: blockchain bills also have an important attribute is smart contracts. In the past, electronic bank acceptance bills were the inheritance and development of paper bank acceptance bills; in addition, corporate financial management blocks.3. Blockchain technology can solve which pain points of traditional bills.

4, 4 applications.Blockchain electronic invoice is the deep fusion product of “Internet+tax”. It is the first national “blockchain+invoice” ecosystem application research result. Electronic acceptance bills and paper acceptance bills have the following different blocks.The chain bill is maintained by the nodes.

5, 5. The biggest feature of blockchain technology in the banking industry is decentralization. It is based on the work deployment and application of the State Administration of Taxation. The bills are based on the traditional interbank communication network, and the supervision pressure is high.Decentralization, helping business development, slow contract settlement, and this feature will reduce a lot of cost technologies for the banking industry.

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