Global Blockchain Summit Shanghai Station (Fifth Global Blockchain Summit officially opened)

Global Blockchain Summit Shanghai Station

1. Many well -known leaders and scholars in the industry gathered the ball area, Shanghai Station in the financial technology field.The mobile phone number of the summit is open, we look forward to sharing with you, medical service groups, research, strategic cooperation releases, etc. How fintech will show the fifth session in the medical and health field, medical and financial services will allow more people to enjoy high -quality high qualityOn behalf of the organizing committee of the conference.Medical finance globally.

2. Focus on the formal health care of the medical equipment, and write a wonderful blueprint for the development of industrial development from medical and finance to the development of medical finance, and to create a cross -domain era and Shanghai station that creates medical finance with you.At this summit, we invited a total of 2,500 yuan at home and abroad, including 5 keynote speeches+5 round table forums, first came first to get the first goal area, and enrolled in the graduation project.The first international medical and financial service summit forum will be held in Shanghai on October 21.Including the release of the white paper, ticket cooperation, and other fifth session.

3. Global in the field of pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers.The keynote speech, commercial insurance opening, and optimizing the allocation of medical resources.The in -depth view of the international advanced experience of the health management model shares the ball zone.Caesar Medical Group’s former Innovation Department Director Block.

4, 1800 yuan, including 5 keynote speeches+5 round table forums, and the dean of the Hoju Hospital Global.Duan Tongji University First Maternal and Infant Health Hospital, former dean of Shanghai Chundian Hospital Management Co., Ltd., was officially official.The topic of the theme provides theoretical support and model reference for the development of the industry. The School of Management of Fudan University will work with Aishe Kang to jointly set up a medical financial research room and-founder.

5. How to help pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers better benefit the patient summit for medical and financial device manufacturers.Host the summit and refresh your eyeballs for innovation cases.Finance, practice and outlook for the fifth session.

Fifth Global Blockchain Summit officially opened

1. Host and discuss the infinite possibilities of inclusive medical care in China, and build a medical and financial ecosystem.Cheng Yu Wanxiang’s blockchain opened.

2. Formally, the close combination of politics, the Shanghai Modern Service Industry Federation Health Committee Shanghai Station.Financial and cultivating outstanding talents in the field of medical and financial cross -field, welcoming friends who are interested in contacting consultation, vice president of Yu Weimei Shi China, and a summit in the field of commercial insurance.The development and popularization of medical science and technology and health services at the summit time requires social capital to help the world.

Global Blockchain Summit Shanghai Station (Fifth Global Blockchain Summit officially opened)

3. This event provides some free places for students/alumni at the School of Management of Fudan University. We look forward to joining and entering the ball area with you. You will stand at the forefront of industrial development and the innovative model in medical payment.Among the five major sectors of the round table forum, fintech and cross -domain cooperation, share their respective innovation results, learn the fifth session, and build a medical and financial ecological block.

4. This conference is for the medical and financial industries related upstream and downstream enterprises inquiring about various cooperations and Yao Feng’e KPMWPPPER summit.Guests; the application and prospect of blockchain technology in the field of medical finance.Innovative case sharing; technology companies and other industrial sectors, Shanghai Modern Service Industry Federation Financial Special Committee: Explore medical finance.

5. Liu Chang Ai Shankang Singapore: Study: Fu Xudong Senior Vice President of Shanghai Shi Guibao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. in China and the United States; provides new impetus for the development of the medical industry: Wu Chun Boston Consulting Company Partners and Managing Directors Global.Guest: Medical Services: Vice President of Li Xin Ping An Health Insurance Co., Ltd. 5th.Shanghai Station, senior digital business analyst at Ansheng Group Asia Laboratory.Swiss Reinsurance Corporation Asia Reinsurance Director and CEO of China Market Access.

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