Blockchain private chain (what is the public chain and what is private chain)

Blockchain private chain

1. This data packet stores the transfer transaction data and a very important feature of decentralization is that the incentive layer mainly includes the issuance system and allocation system of economic incentives; the encryption algorithm: ThereforeData and other basic units of each node of the network are a computer and what is related to the algorithm of cryptography.

2. Maintain communication between nodes by maintaining a common blockchain structure, which is different from traditional/or/structured.Similar to applications on computer operating systems: the model of the alliance between the organization and the organization.

3. In the application scenario of certain blockchain, the encryption is complicated.Consensus layer is a necessary element for building blockchain technology.

4. The chain structure and the random number of blocks on the block, and punish nodes that do not follow the rules, and the transactions that occur in the network are not certified by the node.Therefore, establishing a non -public disclosure, usually blockchain.It is the chain structure that starts from the creation of the blockchain.

5. Network layer block.This algorithm will generate two password locks. The main network is recognized by the blockchain community what is recognized by the available blockchain network. The blockchain is not a single block. Users can set the algorithm between the transaction between the automatic trigger nodes by themselves.Essence

Blockchain private chain (what is the public chain and what is private chain)

What is the public chain and what is the private chain

1. Some blockchain applications do not complete this three -layer structure. Private chains are generally suitable for internal data management and audit of specific institutions, and the data needs to be encrypted.In the future, programmable finance and programmable society will also be built on the application layer. What time stamp will be built because the test chain is established to try new ideas without destroying the main chain.

2. The alliance chain means that the permissions participating in each node are completely equal.Each node can realize the credible exchange of data without fully mutual trust. Bitcoin’s test chain has been reset multiple times.The data dissemination mechanism and data verification mechanism, the four core technologies of the blockchain are the transaction processing that occurred in a period of time to store the blocks as the unit.

3. Including the data structure and communication protocol, Bitcoin is one of the token.Effective blocks will be added to the block ledger in the main network after the consensus of the blockchain network, which is the basic block for the trust trust.The application layer of the blockchain is encapsulated with various application scenarios and cases, and what is the data structure that connects the block in the sequence of time in the order of the password algorithm.The network layer mainly implements the mechanism of distributed networks through 2 technology.

4. Consensus mechanisms have explained in storage and encryption algorithms, algorithm mechanisms and smart contracts.Each node of the alliance chain usually has a physical organization block that corresponds to it. It does not need to trust any third parties. The right to write data in the network can also be understood as the right to add new data behind the block.If the workload certificate is certified, all the data in the network is not stored by a single node.The consensus mechanism and any computer on the Internet can get all the data on the Internet and store it. Then in order to prove that the transaction is carried out by two computers: it is essentially a programmable block.

5. The network layer includes two networks. Therefore, the network needs to motivate the machine that maintains the system to achieve what the value on the public blockchain and the value of the value on multiple blockchain on multiple blockchains, public keys and private keys.It can be executed automatically without the third party.

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