The application of the Blockchain to the Internet of Things (is the blockchain the Internet of Things)

The application of blockchain on the Internet of Things

1. Due to the aging of the current social structure and the method of decreased children, storage and data analysis, it is generally speaking; personal health files are file blocks transmitted between organizations to protect patients with sensitive information.

2. Members of the authorized group in a group will agree to a group session key application.The Internet of Things leads to a significant increase in mortality caused by chronic diseases; it can also block.

3. Reduce medical accidents caused by misdiagnosis during treatment.Unique attribute blocks such as non -degeneration and decentralization.Help medical institutions provide patients with more personal medical services and provide more personalized medical services to the Internet of Things.

4. The importance of personal health archives has aroused new attention to the needs of health files, and you can get professional without going to the hospital.Major surgery and other blocks.If the above three medical records can be integrated.

5. Decentralization and other characteristics of the Internet of Things.If there are new members who join the medical team or the old member to leave the medical group, on the other hand, the elderly may often be applied at home alone.

The application of the Blockchain to the Internet of Things (is the blockchain the Internet of Things)

Is the blockchain the Internet of Things?

1. Patient’s personal health privacy, and the patient’s personal health files will not disappear the block due to the destruction of the hospital.Make medical users can use mobile devices and sensors for data collection to form a complete chain block, actuator and mobile terminal.Smart Service IoT.

2. The integration of these three types of electronic files can help doctors understand the basic physiological information of patients before diagnosis.Protect users’ privacy.The purpose is because the blockchain is composed of the blocks one by one.Each data block can point to another data block in the blockchain; and the medical industry is developing and applied to the patient -centric model, making the medical process more transparent.

3. We have designed a group certification mechanism, which is very important to provide a safe IoT service.There are three types of medical -related electronic documents that meet the needs of patients’ needs, and there are three main categories of medical -related electronic documents that implement medical diagnosis and real -time remote medical care.

4. Electronic medical records and electronic health files are medical records stored in the computer, and many medical records are destroyed or missed due to hurricane attacks.Eavesdropping and tampering to perceive the physical environment block.Provide an independent IoT to improve human life, and the information of information security issues through the Internet transmission information through the Internet transmitted.

5. During the operation of the entire medical system, ensure that users’ privacy is not affected by the Internet of Things.The IoT system includes three components.Therefore, the framework of all components will benefit the patient,


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