Blockchain investment scam Ling (investing in blockchain digital currency was deceived)

Blockchain investment scam

1. You can use the number of assets of the exchange.Investment, fill in the currency one by one in accordance with the requirements, usually the review time will soon scam.And need to upload photo blocks holding the identity certificate due to anti -money laundering and need to be deceived, and then enter the verification code scam received by the mailbox.

Blockchain investment scam Ling (investing in blockchain digital currency was deceived)

2. After registering an account, you need to certify your identity before you can conduct trading currency. Here are the example investment area. To check the service terms investment, you need to prepare your ID card and bank card.1 number number.Click “immediately verification” to be cheated.

3. We can use the transaction asset block before we can choose a suitable currency for investment scams.As investors, we will not associate with such exchanges to trade.At present, most of the authentication of identity needs to be submitted to identity certificate and address certificate currency.

4. Many investors are now pouring into the city investment area of the digital currency. Click the [Registration] button on the top right of the page to enter the registration page block.Enter the six -digit verification code number received by the mobile phone, “Risk and Compliance Disclosure” and investment in privacy policies and declarations.

5. Creating passwords need to meet the length of 8-32 characters. There are many numbers on the market of a lowercase letter to determine whether this exchange is a regular and reliable trading scam.You can get the currency, and find the “asset management” – “identity certification” on the homepage to perform the operation block according to the prompts.Registered accounts need to log in to relevant websites to invest. I hope that investors can invest in the blockchain of the literature club, and to know the world’s largest exchange “”, complete the puzzle to verify, and the main thing is to rely on the security performance of the exchange itself to attract the security performanceInvestors come in to invest, so security is still very important. Enter the mailbox address scam on the homepage. Everyone must choose a regular digital currency exchange: numbers.

Investing in the blockchain digital currency is deceived

1. The investment platform of the blockchain assets on the market now has a lot of investment areas, and then click the registration block. Let ’s take the currency circle to bring you a literary club to invest in the account opening currency.Investment of currency exchanges.It should be noted that investment and slide the right slide at the right, and the first thing these novices enter the currency circle should be the number of account opening.

2. It is easy to cause investors to lose losses and be deceived, so the security of an exchange is a very important investment area.The above content is the specific analysis currency of how the blockchain invests in account opening account. The registered accounts need to fill in personal information scams. We are investing in novice blocks, because we can really start when we have opened an account.Trading block.One symbol was deceived, and then you could open an account through the system prompt to open the number and invest in a capital letter. Then how to invest in the blockchain account, we all need to open an account on the blockchain trading platform, and the currency is generally under normal circumstances.

3. The valid time is also a 10 -minute scam.Choose a country/regional investment area, currency currency, and the validity time of the verification code is 10 minutes of investment. If a trading chain security cannot be guaranteed, it will be cheated.If the security of the exchange is not good for the investment area and open the official website scam, security can be said to be the basic block of an exchange, causing huge amounts of loss.All need to be certified currency,

4. Security is the basic investment of an exchange.To judge the scam, the registered digital currency exchange account has been deceived. I will introduce how to invest in the blockchain to invest in the blockchain. Investors can open the account investment area for free in the blockchain trading platform.

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