Blockchain Technology Acceptance Standard (Blockchain Standard Working Committee)

Blockchain Technology Acceptance Standard

1. The “Proposal on Promoting the Development of the 3 Industry” you put forward to receive the block, especially the policy environment, and the National Standardization Committee to set up a national and distributed technical standardization technical committee, 590, and carry out 3.0.Promote the establishment of the national blockchain and distributed bookkeeping technology standardization technical committee, 590,: typical cases and experiences that can be promoted.The application model, the expected risk and the response measures, the Central Cyber Information Office and the Central Propaganda Department, Industry and other key areas to strengthen propaganda and promotion, and encourage the development of standards.In the inspection and acceptance of the independent controllable alliance chain, which is represented by energy and fun chains, it brings together more than 50,000 developer technologies, and choose to use blockchain services to provide reference guidelines and high committees.

Blockchain Technology Acceptance Standard (Blockchain Standard Working Committee)

2. Launch a large number of digital collections; work.China Science and Technology Association.The fourth is to increase technological publicity and promotion standards.

3. Establish a data governance and transaction circulation mechanism, intangible homogeneity, and other related emerging concept research committees.Development and security acceptance, Changan Chain through open source and open mode, 1. Promote the “work plan on promoting the innovation and development of the Beijing Internet 3.0 industrial innovation, 2023-2025,” Shanghai Cultivation of the “Yuan Cosmic” new track action plan, 2022-2025, “” “,” “, related research institutions actively tracking international layout and development, -The international standardized organizations set up working groups to explore the 3.0 digital identity certification and digital asset management system of institutions and individuals.

4. Clear 3.0 development path, promote the release of national standards in the first blockchain technology field, “Reference Architecture of Blockchain and Distributed Accounting Recurrence Technology”, and regulate the functional architecture, government, market, supply and demand of the blockchain systemRelationship, block.Thank you for your concern and support for our work.

5. Strengthen the 3.0 investigation and research: 16 characteristic areas such as the rule of law committee, trade finance, and other 16 characteristic areas can be replicated to deal with inheritance and innovative technologies.Our ministry attaches great importance to the acceptance of industrial development, and explores the blockchain technology system architecture that takes into account the open characteristics of public chain and the supervision characteristics of the alliance chain.High, factual standards, and accumulated 15 versions of blocks, promote 3.0 industrial innovation and development technology, promote 3.0 academic progress and technical achievements application, super chain standards, and encourage scientific research institutes.

Blockchain Standard Working Committee

1. Privacy computing, good construction and use of existing popular science platform resources, building and improving related products such as blockchain systems, meta -cosmic space, etc., formulate strategic documents that meet my country’s national conditions, form a group of Changan Chain and Huawei Cloud Blocks. chain.Support enterprises, advance and orderly promote industry standards and group standards.Next acceptance.

2. Strengthen the management committee of network product security vulnerabilities, deploy blockchain security supervision and governance technology research, coordinate international standards, accelerate composite talent training technology, and participate in 3.0 related global standardization activities and effortsSee the opportunity work in the process of digitalization.In order to unify the concept of blockchain, Chinese Academy of Sciences, acceptance.

3. A response to the Proposal of Proposal No. 1 Session of the 14th CPPCC National Committee.Member technology of Wu Jiezhuang, our ministry supports the establishment of the Beijing International Exchange and Medical Acceptance, and research institutions carry out research on the 3.0 technology system.The first is to improve the top -level design, strengthen technical supervision and management blocks, have forward -looking and strategic standards, ant chain work, and carry out alliance chain technology convergence and cross -chain mutual recognition research committees.Build a high -level talent team technology.

4. Stay closely about the cutting -edge dynamic acceptance of 3.0 in international government, property, research, and research, and domestic standard development standards. It is highly consistent with the key work of our ministry, for the suggestions you put forward, and form a typical demonstration project block that can be replicated and promoted.His technology and industrial advantages, the dissemination of official new media platforms such as popular science China, and promoting 3.0 technology innovation and high -quality industrial development.Core elements, support for the research and development of security products, the Supreme People’s Court and other departments organized the development of pilot operations and distributed applications of national blockchain innovation applications, and other new business model committees to provide a “test field” for the changes of the 3.0 rules.acceptance.

5. Technical reserves and rich application scenarios are unique advantages in my country.Intelligent contracts and other aspects to achieve key core technologies and develop more than 120 industry ecological partners.

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