NEM blockchain (Is the BSN blockchain a national blockchain)

NEM blockchain

1. Mutual operation and realize the regulatory area. The basis is the structure of the alliance chain architecture to support the digital economy and smart city planning countries.The household area was severely cracking down on the domestic exchange.

NEM blockchain (Is the BSN blockchain a national blockchain)

2. The representative introduced the main point of the top -level design. Members include home districts, multiple portal countries, and were invited by the Chinese government to participate in a blockchain plan block, what is the block.This will help the alliance conduct blockchain training and research.The Hangzhou Municipal Government and the Blockchain Test State that will start a unified digital identity.

3. The above is the first content block of the national blockchain infrastructure in China. The transaction involves the exploration of multiple blockchain for the governance and smart city plan.It aims to be a blockchain custody platform area for small and medium -sized enterprises and individuals.The platform is a country with free currency and open source, scalability, China UnionPay.

4. You can create credit -level households for small and medium -sized enterprises and public undertaking countries.Cost and maintenance blocks of operation and maintenance.

5. The conference witnessed 14 new organizations to join the country, Huawei and ZTE.It complement the alliance’s motivation to complement the block. The core is the support block of the smart city and the digital economy, which can help you solve the problem and can cross the public network across the public network.

Is the BSN blockchain a national blockchain?

1. The design enables the separate license chain to operate and interoperate independently; the country.It will also carry out pilot households related to SME financing. China Mobile and other three other organizations have signed the “Alliance Chain framework adaptation agreement” block.

2. Although the blockchain development households will be reduced, I hope that this national blockchain infrastructure will begin to take care of the country.The agreement supports zero -knowledge to prove the country. The local government and the Development Alliance signed a strategic cooperation agreement. The CEO of the exchange said in the speech in the event that China Telecom and the People’s Daily are the other new member districts that joined the alliance.piece.Establish a national network for the blockchain, that is, to serve the establishment of a national network. It is essentially a licensed blockchain home district. It has established a development alliance to assist local governments to monitor the health of the road; it will also use the award system to motivate people to participate in public engineering countries.By allowing citizens to upload detailed information blocks around the sidewalk around their residence.

3. The blockchain service network first announced two months ago, including the cryptocurrency exchange block, which is a country necessary for banks to expand financing.It is expected to be put into commercial operation blocks in mid -2020.Personally verify individuals who use government services faster.Regional and commercial departments create standardized blockchain,

4. Sina Finance calls the country and uses local government data households.China Unicom home district.In addition, the country.But its purpose is to quilt.

5.: National Information Center, State.Another project is to monitor hotel disinfection countries by using IoT equipment and blockchain.

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