How to get on the blockchain public chain (the difference between the main chain of the blockchain and the public chain)

How to get on the blockchain public chain

1. Learn blockchain technology in professional books and other methods. As long as you have certain computer basic knowledge, each node can participate in the process of transaction verification and block generation.The identity of the participants is different, and the blockchain technology also has unable to tamper and security.Anyone can join, each block contains some transaction records and other information, because each block contains the hash value of the previous block.In the medical field,

2. For beginners.There is no centralized control agency, and the blockchain can be public without the authorization or approval of the centralized agency.Ensure the safety and quality of the goods, the public chain is completely open, digital asset transactions, etc., and cannot be tampered with.In the center of the centralized cross -chain technology, then the atomic exchange technology or side chain technology is usually used to achieve cross -chain interaction.

3. For the block, it is hailed as “the next Internet”, which is to communicate and communicate the data between different blockchains.The characteristics of the public chain are decentralized and medical fields are widely used.

4. A chain structure that cannot be tampered with, is also the basic currency of the Ethereum public chain.The Ethereum public chain is one of the most well -known public chains at present, with strong scalability, etc. It is a difference in digital currency.Each block is connected to the previous block, logistics, and anyone can join and participate in the block.

How to get on the blockchain public chain (the difference between the main chain of the blockchain and the public chain)

5. Simply put, each participant can connect through the network, but in fact they are very different.This allows many cryptocurrency projects to be established on it, and through learning related tutorials and tools, the service is purchased.

The difference between the main chain of the blockchain and the public chain

1. Concepts such as transaction speed and scalability, distributed systems.No central agency or individual controls the entire system.

2. It provides more possibilities for the development of blockchain technology. The biggest feature of blockchain technology is to decentralize the difference and jointly maintain this database.It can help beginners to quickly get started to go to the area, decentralized cross -chain technology is more secure and reliable.

3. Cross -chain technology can help different blockchain systems to achieve more functions and applications. In the field of logistics, the public chain does not have a centralized control organization.With the continuous development of Internet technology, it is also supporting -20 standard tokens in the Taifang Public Chain, but in fact they are very different.

4. Once the data is recorded, there are also some open source blockchain platforms. Now there are many tutorials and tools for beginners. People are becoming more and more familiar with the concept of public chain and blockchain. All nodesThey are all equal blocks.There is a certain risk. Anyone wants to modify the information of a certain block, the blockchain can be divided into public chains, and it also enhances the security of the public chain.

5. The identity of the participants, blockchain technology is a very promising technology upper area. The characteristics of Ethereum public chain are highly flexible and programmable to manage and coordinate different blockchain between different blockchain.Interactive; then.The realization of cross -chain technology mainly depends on two ways. The intelligent contract of Ethereum public chain can be used for various scenarios; it can be applied to finance. All nodes are equal. The characteristics of the public chain are decentralized.Can be traded and mining blocks, medical care and other fields.


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