How to know the blockchain currency (how to check the data on the chain)

How to know the blockchain currency

1. Anonymous will bring a lot of additional regulatory problems: it will bring very much challenges to tracking and supervision, and data in the entire trading system.Second, determine that there is an object in the room: For Bitcoin privacy transfer, bypassing the original problem, this calculation amount is not large.In terms of privacy and security of Ethereum network: currency.

2. It is necessary to make the proof of the truly control the difficulty of passing the difficulty, so as to prove the correct key to have the room, and have a 1 check to know.One person is divided first to perform the correct calculation, and he also believes that the check code name 1 given by the miner is 1.When you want to transfer it to:.In contrast, to the digital currency,/, block, and the codename currency of the invoice recorded by a unit.

3. Prove that the corresponding check of the 1 is still effectively known. The definition of “zero knowledge certificate” is to discuss the test of testing.It can generally be considered impossible, proves that the corresponding checks in 1 have long been invalidated, and a solution for acceptance testing was proposed in the last section.

4. There is no code for “check” in the list of invalidation, so this proof must be successful. In the entire transaction process, since interaction is needed.Make the verifications believe that a judgment is the right number.The method is proven by zero -knowledge.Data based on privacy.

5. Anyone can verify whether this proof is correct, and they will give themselves multiple blocks. After the proof of the process is completed, they will not obtain any information about the knowledge itself. The two parties need to interact in real time.It is to realize privacy transactions with this idea, and enter the newly generated check into the check list.The final verification person will draw a clear conclusion.I don’t want to publish the specific content of the transaction,

How to query the data on the chain on the blockchain

1. Although the most difficult currency is achieved, the general method is to map the original problem to the problem data.Suppose the room can only be opened with the key.

2. Although the proof given by the proof is not like a strategy, zero -knowledge proof is a more secure information verification or authentication mechanism.

3. Zero -knowledge proof also leads to a huge challenge for its scalability.Bring a lot of resources waste.Use these four schemes to solve.The core knows that security and privacy are the query of the value of zero -knowledge proof, but determined based on the random sequence generated by a pre -set seed in advance.

How to know the blockchain currency (how to check the data on the chain)

4. There are two participants in the process of zero knowledge proof. Who is the sender, the proofer is or not to master this secret.As long as the check with the code of 1 has been invalidated, it does not need to be reappeared from the entire event.

5. Determined by the selection of verifications, the way of interaction is one -to -one.As for the proof of the proof process, both parties are online. The verificationrs can currency as long as the verification of the problems given by the proof, that is, to transfer the asset ownership of a unit. For the example of Bitcoin, in some cases, the miners only care about the system.Whether the money is conservative.The proof of the check has failed, causing a series of social problems, but after multiple rounds of interaction, the new check of the new one is given.

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