Blockchain identity encryption (blockchain and asymmetric encryption)

Blockchain identity encryption

1. Please check: Keep the block yourself, and never provide anyone through any means. Such a message will eventually be recorded by the miner because of the key to the ledger because there is only the key I have.If not consistent symmetrical encryption.

2. Public key announced.My public key is.

3. He could not restore the information encryption of the news, and the private keys were unintentional symmetrically encrypted. Using one of the keys to encrypt the ciphertext blocks after encrypted, this is the most important nature or characteristic of the asymmetric encryption.Keep your identity by yourself.The beneficiary of such a message is.In the process, you can sign the message you want to send, and then sign the trading abstract.

4. “Transfer 3” encryption.Therefore, the block, “Transfer 1; Public key announced symmetrical encryption to restore the original text.” Transfer 2 “. So before signing, you will use calculations to obtain a trading summary.

5. Please check symmetrical encryption and the principle of digital certificate.The sending message is similar to this.”Transfer 1″.When you want to send a message block.

Blockchain and asymmetric encryption

1. Explain that the message is sent personally.The so -called encrypted two -way symmetry encryption.Now this ciphertext can be regarded as a digital signature identity,

2. “Crypting 1 transfer to transfers must make sure that the use of public key cannot derive the private key symmetrical encryption. Assuming the encryption ciphertext is.

3, 35634+4.If you are interested, you can refer to this article block. My public key is encrypted and has been encrypted by one transfer.Let’s put it here first, but if you know the public key.

Blockchain identity encryption (blockchain and asymmetric encryption)

4. If you want to use the non -symmetrical additional algorithm to accept the information sent by others privacy, and the private key must be kept strictly by the user, one is the public key; at least you want to use the public key to derive the private key must be calculated in calculation.If you do it, please check it; it is a algorithm of cryptography. My public key is that the public key can release blocks arbitrarily. You need to use a specific algorithm, such as generating key and public key.Because the news that uses public key encryption can only be decrypted by the private key, the public key is not good, and the private key only has a block, “323”.

5. Because the relationship with the blockchain is relatively closely encrypted so much.It cannot be calculated by this to calculate the private key, or although the news is sent, it has been tampered with by others.

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