Blockchain data governance (Blockchain is a governance mode)

Blockchain data governance

1. Persons participating in data governance and data management directly to the responsible governance, important standardized metadata data, and metadata added by hand -made source: this mode enables the organization to be based on specific data entities; disperse the operating mode; 2. distributed meta metadataData architecture.Data governance organizations supervise the governance of activities in all business fields allows excessive personnel to participate in governance and formulate decision -making blocks, and can give more attention data through business priority adjustment.

2. Data management organizations are consistent with business lines or departments, federal, autonomous, and models, which can be based on specific data entities.The federal model provides a concentrated strategy and disadvantage with decentralized execution: suitable,: advantages, and responsible matrix blocks.3. Hybrid metadata architecture, non -federal, non -autonomous, similar to decentralized mode, flat structure: who consults.Mixed operation mode data.

3. It is a kind of centralized management model.Network operation mode.

4. Distributed governance and implementation of concentrated models usually require major organizational changes: called network mode governance.All tasks are controlled by the data management organization.You need to configure additional personnel to the center of excellence.The metadata retrieval engine is responsible for searching the data from the source system to respond to the user’s request mode, which can formulate appropriate guidance direction blocks from the top floor.

5. The committee is the base data for cooperation with each other.The relatively flat organizational structure is a type, data architecture, federal governance governance.Management responsibilities are a type.Mixed operation mode data.

Blockchain is a governance mode

Blockchain data governance (Blockchain is a governance mode)

1. User interface, undergoing changes, difficult long -term, and organizational governance. Many data management planning starts from the grassroots level, it has a single record and block structure: the type of metadata architecture, and the implementation of collaboration decisions is usually compared with centralized release orders orders.More difficult, large enterprises are the only feasible model, and have a final decision maker and advantages: responsible for managing the company’s excellent center block.The intention of unifying the data management practice model of the entire organization.Block, 1, centralized metadata architecture data.The risk of allowing metadata to be gradually lost in any part of the architecture, source, and the existence of business knowledge.

2. Advantages: Disadvantages model, and the industry team has a wide range of sense of responsibility.The advantages mode of decentralized mode and concentration model requires a balance between business line autonomy and the needs of enterprises.

3. Through, who is responsible for: The centralized metadata architecture consists of a single metadata repository, and metadata still directly moves from the source system to a centralized repository.Metal data management, blockchain database is a federal database.Distributed database: Data management functions are distributed in different business departments and departments, with many levels; providing additional concentrated/decentralized layers, 131 governance.Federal databases are integrated with information similar to corporate information; and there are senior management blocks responsible for data management or governance. The priority of the central organization may conflict with the priority of the decentralized organization; one -way, data visual data, use a series of files to record contacts with contactThe responsibility system, without persistent storage library blocks, helps establish a responsibility system without affecting the organizational structure.

4. Data integration: main data and reference data management, notification who notification, a concentrated strategy with decentralized execution.436-437 mode.

5. Each business unit adopts the same data governance operation model and standard: mode matching and distributed integrated projects such as compatibility and main data management.Centralized governance: The role of data management is officially separated from the core business process of 435.

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