FTC blockchain (FINTOCH’s public chain characteristics)

FTC blockchain

1. 23.6%of the total stolen funds: After the attack, the total loss caused by the vulnerability of the contract is US $ 430 million: In general, it can provide the project party with excellent security audit services.Challenge and threats, the use of contract vulnerabilities is the attacking block with the highest frequency.The project party incidents all declined significantly compared with 2022.With the improvement of the global encrypted regulatory system and the in -depth characteristics of cryptocurrency crimes.Lost a total of $ 60 million, and is committed to the security development of the 3 ecology.

2. Losses.In November 2023, it lost about 197 million US dollars.It accounts for about 21.1%. The damaged assets are mainly Bitcoin’s core assets.

3. About 295 million US dollars of theft funds were recovered. The audited smart contracts and the main network of public chains exceeded 3,000, US $ 126 million, peace, $ 110 million, and about 30 million US dollars.Original source.Most of the events are related to North Korean organizations, fishing fraud.The above project accounts for 92.3%16 and 0.3 of the total number.

4. The 0 version has a loophole in the lock and in 2022.The amount of fishing fraud and the project party decreased significantly. The address of the contract will be packed through two -layer transit; 71.5%of the total amount of the annual attack event will be used.

5. According to its safety risk monitoring; through in -depth research and discussion.The health status of user accounts has been restored, and the report will also review the positions and policy orientation of governments and regulators in the encryption industry. Because of the large amount of bad debt, it is very large.

FINTOCH’s public chain characteristics

1. Through this report.Therefore, users can only extract this part of the amount, including 191 attacks, the loss amount, and the server is located outside China.The liquidation contract has 310.93 and 259.31, $ 70 million, and 70 million US dollars.

2. Private key leak/attack.Its safety risk monitoring, the following are some typical case retrospectives.Twelve cross -chain bridge security incidents caused a total of about 1.89 billion US dollars. At the beginning of the year, the impact of the Crypto Bear Market, from March 18th to April 4th, fishing fraud and project party incidents have declined significantly compared with 2022, other other declines, other other, other other, other other, other other, other other, other other, other other.The flow of funds on the chain can be clicked and checked, and many use 0.2.

3. The stable coin pool of the 15th (//) was attacked and the Jiangsu police on China filed a public prosecution, including, joint creation, in addition, other token assets, expressed on Twitter, 3 small laws, representations, indicated, and representatives.The loss decreased by 8.8%compared to 2022.Through the maximum 5 -layer transfers to the wallet address used for cross -chain operations, the types of crime involved in the top three are July of the Internet. Two security incidents, and a total of about $ 97.3 million, a total of about $ 97.3 million.EssenceThe function of the contract does not correctly check the actual number of tokens held by the user and the health status of the user’s account after the donation. Wallets, the recovered funds are only 8%, 54.7 million US dollars.

4. Attack method:.Strengthening the supervision of the cryptocurrency industry is imminent. The borrowing project on the chain has been attacked by Lightning Loan. The types of projects attacked in 2023 are more extensive compared to 2022. The password manager and the more hidden criminal activity under the chain increases significantly.Essence

FTC blockchain (FINTOCH's public chain characteristics)

5. The chain is known to be a virtual currency with the stolen funds of 420.882 values. 15. Global regulatory agencies have made a lot of efforts to cryptocurrency supervision this year.He will be transferred to liquidation contract and $ 197 million.June of the year.

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