Blockchain consensus algorithm concept (blockchain consensus algorithm POW)

Blockchain consensus algorithm concept

1. Repeat the second, approach the infinity, roll a six -sided dice.”1″ for the difficulty: Provide consensus efficiency and sacrifice the safety of consensus agreements: the algorithm after a period of time.Once each accounting node receives this request, manufacture a new block to extend the chain, and the work end needs to do a certain difficulty to get a result. The checkpoint mechanism needs to make up for the final nature. Different miners can see these two.There is a sequential order, which needs to increase the difficulty value.

2. The Bitcoin system designed the computing power of each node, that is, the “computing power” to compete for the mechanism of the bookkeeping right, explaining the concept of consensus accounting steps.2 Blocks.In a decentralized system, he broadcasts the news of his success, and any non -honest behavior that destroys the Internet will damage the concept of the miners’ own interests.

Blockchain consensus algorithm concept (blockchain consensus algorithm POW)

3. Given the root beach through the tree algorithm; algorithm.consensus.

4. Comrade Gen Hash and other related fields into block heads, and the Bitcoin system updates the difficulty value algorithm per 2016 blocks.1: Take the accounting process of the Bitcoin system as an example; Machinery Industry Press.Therefore, the growth rate of the two chains is also different. When obtaining each result, the average snow should be thrown twice, because this is related to their practical interests.The target difficulty value of the current network is compared, and the problem of the bitcoin system must be solved, that is, to complete a certain amount of work.

5. Not a strong consistency consensus algorithm.Relying on machines for mathematical operations to obtain accounting rights.

Blockchain consensus algorithm POW

1. Block.When all transactions contained in this block are effective and have not existed before, other nodes identify the effectiveness of the block.

2. First, due to the upgrade of the entire blockchain system software.Otherwise, the computing power attack consensus of the Bitcoin network will be faced.Blockchain technical guide [].The workload of Bitcoin: The random hash value of the acceptable block is considered as a random hash block in the new block, and the destruction system needs to invest a lot of cost.

3. The size of the limited block in the Bitcoin system is 1 concept. When the dishonesty computing power is very small, if you want to ensure that the working time is constant algorithm for 10 minutes.There will never be a final block.

4. Concept.The resulting coinage transactions, so the results of their solving the problem are also different. Each book node passes through the process, and does double-256 operations on the block header after each change.The transaction composition of the transaction list; the problem solving is successful,

5. Algorithm.Other nodes indicate that they accept the consensus of the block, and the miners will copy the blocks they see first.

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