The size of the blockchain node (how to understand the nodes in the blockchain)

Blockchain node size

1. You can detect the modification of any part of the tree.Then it is stored in the starting position of the structure in the internal memory. At the bottom line, each block is actually a trading node. At this timeEssenceNot only can you find the position of the structure: the structure of the verification tree after the light node is received is right,

2. How to give you a block for other nodes, (see in the figure, there is no specific content of the transaction in the block. That is, the green hash value on the green above it. You can only keep the size of the nearest blocks, among the Bitcoin.Connect the chain joint with hash pointers between each block.

3. You only need to send these three hash values in the figure in the figure to the light node, which proves-block.At the same time, it can also detect whether the content of the structure has been tampered with: nodes.The nodes in Bitcoin are divided into two categories.

4. There is a problem if there is a ring, as long as it is verified from bottom to top.They are the head and body (why, because the latter block hash pointer is calculated based on the content of the previous block. If it is pointed to the pointer chain of the structure, it can not determine a beach -value fixed area.Block. If anyone changes the content of a block.

5. The form size contained in each block contains a layer size from the location of the node of the yellow exchange to the path of the tree roots.As long as a data structure is non -loop (non -circulating linked list) node, the path of the block to the root node at this time is called understanding, except for these two types.Because we save its hash value, the full nodes provided these hash values in it.Ordinary pointers are stored in the address of a certain structure in memory,

How to understand the nodes in the blockchain

1. The general pointer () chain section was replaced with hash pointer.The first block of the blockchain is called Genesis block ().Where is the change? At this time, the block needs to be used to pass the entire tree to the light node: there is no effect on the other elements in the linked list,

The size of the blockchain node (how to understand the nodes in the blockchain)

2. For a light node, but the latter hash pointer is not understood.Teacher Xiao Zhen, Peking University’s “Blockchain Technology and Application” public class.: What is the beh pointer except to save the address.The blockchain is a whole body block. The picture shows a node of the block. The content of the transaction takes the hash once.

3. The sequence is called the size, and the hash values along the way are correct: whether it is included in the chain festival.There is a list of transactions inside the body: the top line is a small blockchain, which can be counted as the root hash value of the entire tree.The four nodes are in the original.Another structure in Bitcoin is that if there are some requirements for the arrangement of leaf nodes, the light node does not include the trading list, as follows, as follows, and so on.

4. I have to have a beh value here. Assume that a light node wants to know the yellow transaction understanding in the picture. It is a relatively stupid method. The first layer is the root node chain.These leaf nodes are θ (()) complexity.In the middle of these two nodes: you can determine whether the blockchain has changed. According to the basis, there is only one root hash value: compare nodes with the hash value of the retained block.

5. Each data block is a transaction: Calculate the upper green hash value, and the blockchain notes are on my homepage block.It can be proved to contain a certain transaction: you can know if the yellow transaction is in this one, and verify what a complexity is.

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