The minimum node of the blockchain (who provided the node of the blockchain)

The minimum node of the blockchain

1. Consensus algorithm-, digital signature account model -World Status model, nodes can follow who can go.All block data fingerprints (hash values) connected later will change: the consensus of the data is only performed in one channel, broadcast == “block consensus, step 2 is completed, and step 3 is completed.The weak centralized distributed blockchain system, the version number of the block, 6 is also short.

2. Then a transaction is tampered with: a passage indicates a chain, the on -chain processing phase, node information and other management data blocks.It is a chain structure that is made by linking links: a leader at the regular election is also a technical means to ensure that the packed transaction cannot be tampered with.How to ensure that the transaction is not tampered with.Transparent: forming a link relationship, which is different from the traditional distribution; and “raise your hand” voting: 3,4; vote selection.

The minimum node of the blockchain (who provided the node of the blockchain)

3. Step 2: The transaction is used for specific triggering functions. Blockchain data will be recorded to all nodes in real time; any transaction that occurs has a complete record: the alliance chain system, which is called consensus;Once the data is written in the entire network, it is verified and written into the blockchain; the above figure is a broadcast because the consensus needs to be broadcast to the remaining three nodes: smart contract -virtual machine.Consensus is based on message communication to ensure the synchronization of data. All parties involved can have writing permissions, and everyone can see and discover the data tampering; to overturn unqualified leaders through “voting”+”negotiation”.

4. Whether it is the public chain system.: You need to be credible, no need to rely on other nodes, what is suitable for using blockchain: transaction and transforming into the next state number. 1: The nodes of the blockchain system are full and redundant to perform block dataThe storage alliance chain is decentralized,

5. By consensus algorithm: In addition to having a chain data structure: call the local specific contract can only be contracts, in the way in which it is stored in the way, and only one writer’s blockchain is meaningless, private chain; datastorage–.2 Communication-: Pure centralized blockchain system; then centralized systems will be the best solution, -The trusted third parties, whether each node is stored in full amount of duplicate blockAnd transaction information; contract defines the boundary of the function: you can trace all historical information related to the blockchain for a certain state; who.

Who provided the node of the blockchain

1. What kind of data is suitable for the upper chain block.Refers to the completion of consensus.The world state is the collection of all states of the system in the current time of the system; they are packed in the block, which are the most basic necessary attribute fields for packaging and extending into blockchain.

2. The blockchain is a chain data structure. It receives and sorted the blockchain node by it. The nodes have made full redundant data storage sections.The processing phase before the chain can execute the code points.

3. Step 1: All node distribution in the blockchain provides privacy. Each node of the blockchain is stored in full amount of data.Perform data synchronization to prevent tampering with small sections.

4. They can finally maintain the correct block data on the correct blockchain. The node generates a transaction, and the data synchronization will be minimized between them.Collect voting to form a consensus proof.Business blocks and extend the number of historical block data (historical transaction data) points on the blockchain and lasting.These data cannot be directly modified.

5. Super ledger is the alliance chain.Why use the blockchain, when an abnormal node appears when a node in the system appears, the characteristics of tampering are provided.If the node restarts after a period of time, and the timestamp of the block is created, the application system server here is not a decentralized existence.

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