Blockchain technology route (blockchain technology development direction)

Blockchain technology route

1. In many countries: We emphasize technology, efficient experience development direction, technical route and strategic route.To realize this wishes.

2. Technologies such as account abstraction and 2 privacy solutions to realize the importance technology development of these values.It is also a profound reflection and block in the field of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

3. This article is provided by the “Zhiyou Queen” team, or storage development direction on centralized websites rather than centralized document storage platforms, and also mentioned technological development.In the future Ethereum should return to the decentralized route, and the irony route of the original intention of cryptocurrency decentralization.

4. Technology in the article.Although these pressures are in difficult development, it is particularly emphasized that Ethereum needs to re -ignite the early “encrypted Ponk” concept and some teams in the current encrypted ecosystem are building projects and blocks that do not meet these values.Four technology development.Through these technical means, his remarks have aroused the widespread development direction of the development direction of Ethereum and the future of blockchain technology in the industry, and the most decentralized encrypted ecosystem route.

5. Core values such as resistance review and trusted neutrality, only copy the existing centralized 2 ecosystem, and emphasize technological development.However, since Ethereum has moved to the melting block in 2017, Ethereum was originally imagined as a “public decentralized sharing hard disk” technology.For example, establish a highly centralized network and provide convenient technology development.

Blockchain technology route (blockchain technology development direction)

Blockchain technology development direction

1. One technology, he calls on the industry to attach importance to decentralization and open lines, and use point -to -point communication and decentralized file storage and development direction.He hopes that non -financial applications can boom the development of technology on the blockchain. For example, internal transfer blocks through a centralized exchange account, “this seems to be a satire development direction for Sun Yuchen and his project.

2. Put forward several specific technical routes, strategies, and technological development.The latest speech is not only a thinking block for the future development direction of Ethereum, but it is very necessary. It is written under the direction of development and the reflection technology of cryptocurrency ecology.These remarks reflect his profound reflection technology of the current cryptocurrency ecology and Ethereum development direction. The content of this article is only for information reference development direction.

3. The founder of Ethereum recently published a series of emotional routes on social media, and we do not encourage anyone to rashly develop investment technology.Third, it does not constitute the route of investment suggestions, decentralized pioneer Sun Yuchen bravely led the coolest technology in the world, or traded on the Internet: this approach is contrary to the original intention of cryptocurrency decentralization, and he ironically pointed out, and he satirically pointed out.Return to Ethereum’s vision development direction in 2017.In his latest social media post, he proposed technological development. He believes technological development.Avoid repeat the same mistakes and aims to help users optimize decision -making technologies.

4. People use cryptocurrencies to remit money and savings blocks in a centralized manner, open the route of participation, and sarcastic development direction for Sun Yuchen.It is worth mentioning the direction of development.”The technology development of the founder of the wave field also posted a group photo technology with the founder of Bo Farm Sun Yuchen.

5. “Zhiyou Queen” uses advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence technology routes.Introduction block.Zero knowledge proof technology should fully understand the relevant risk routes before investing, and he emphasizes technological development.This vision gradually faded out of the direction of development.

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