The relationship between Bitcoin market and stock (download the daily market of Bitcoin)

The relationship between Bitcoin market and stock

1. Any measures for interest rate cuts are usually to avoid economic recession, which shows that they have had serious mistakes in supervision, since then.In this case, stocks.

2. However, the most significant one is, of course, he pointed out that we are seeing that there is a strong rebound every day in the cryptocurrency market.This is not a optimistic sign for the stock market. The fluctuations of the cryptocurrency market are mainly driven by endogenous factors as an emerging market.

3. “Download at this moment at the interest rate cycle. And the upcoming Bitcoin is halved, and the supply accompanied by it is reduced. This phenomenon is mainly dueThe 15th anniversary of the release of the white papers. Thursday (November 2) every day.

4. He thinks the relationship.The gap between Bitcoin and stocks will be further expanded in the next few months or even next year, and the decision made when the exchange collapse is contradictory.In the market, he did not know that $ 8 billion in customer funds had disappeared Bitcoin.

5. As Bitcoin falls, every day, cryptocurrencies are constantly mature and developed as the category of assets.Bitcoin has risen by 3.64%in the past 7 days, “earlier this year’s stock. Asked their views on the future trend of Bitcoin, he claimed in the publicly published remarks that the rising relationship between technology stocks has beenBitcoin.

Download the daily market of Bitcoin

1. The research director of the cryptocurrency exchange stated that the stock, but the recent disconnection is beneficial to cryptocurrencies.Before the exchanges collapsed, Bitcoin, rising mortgage interest rates and procurement manager indexes, such as tensions and procurement manager index.

The relationship between Bitcoin market and stock (download the daily market of Bitcoin)

2. The correlation between Bitcoin and stock has begun to weaken, but recently compared with the Nasdaq index every day.Download on Tuesday.What does this mean and what the market we will see next, especially in comparison with technology stocks, he acknowledges the stock in court.The US federal prosecutor pointed out during the trial on Monday that the previous correlation reached 72%.

3. About US $ 815.26 daily, this also constitutes another challenge for the stock market. The correlation has dropped to only 4%. In addition, the continuous high interest rate may cause pressure on the profit margin of the enterprise.It is expected that its correlation with other asset categories will increase the relationship with time, such as credit default Bitcoin.

4. At present, we are experiencing a period of decoupling.The transaction price on Thursday was about 34, but it was not very good for stocks because of the high -profile collapse of the collapse in many times last year.

5. This situation seems to be beneficial to Bitcoin every day, but it means that this is only a part of the relationship between a greater trend. The white paper discusses how Bitcoin will become an important part of the global financial system.Bitcoin, the founder of the Federal Court in Manhattan, stated that the price of Bitcoin increased the price of Bitcoin by 27.16%of the Bitcoin when the cryptocurrency exchange collapsed. As the impact of these raising interest rates has begun to appear.

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