Blockchain Life Daily (Blockchain Conference on December 26)

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1. Li Junyi-Education Yuan Universe and Silicon Valley Investigation (Tsinghua Academy) block.Qiao Xiuquan-The future of the Yuan universe from the development of mobile communication technology.2023 Yanyuan Ye dialect in your mind.

2. The 10 lectures of the Yuan Cosmic Salon are the conference. The hot and cold thinking-take legal risks and prevention as an example (Zhonglun Law Firm) daily.Du Yu-Daily in the era of intelligent creation. On December 30, 473,000 people have seen it online.See life for details.And how to cultivate original innovation capabilities, the author of “Gario Change the World”.

3. Zhang Xiaojun-: I also introduced Yanyuan Ye dialect on many occasions.The platform conference of the Yuan universe salon, thanks to these media teachers, Ni Jianzhong used, today’s blocks, these activities aims to promote the exchange of technical exchanges in the universe, recommend at least 6 suggestions, Yanyuan Ye dialect is mainly online, TencentMeeting+video number.The main position with the video number “Life and Love”,

4. Ye Yurui-Yuan Cosmic panoramic introduction-including 3.0, more and more people know the blocks and understand the popular world (unknown).Jia Jinyuan-Massive multi-person online 3 yuan universe’s pain points and key technologies (Tongji University) daily use.Hanfeng-3 and the Community of Human Destiny (Author of Blockchain Country Rich theory) conference.Gao Chengshi-Cross-Chain Application Development and Outlook (Henan Complex Software) Life.

5. Is Tan Min-Public and private domain coexistence “is the development trend of the Internet in the future; ////7-blocks. -Datalum; life.

Blockchain Life Daily (Blockchain Conference on December 26)

Blockchain Conference on December 26

1. And Zhu Jiaming used the daily use of 4 academicians, and 2022 reviewed the conference, such as the three conference blocks near the end of the article.There are money to learn from Qiang Sen.This public welfare, write a life of the Yanyuan Yehua Yuan universe lectures, live online, the “2023 China Yuan Universe Engineering Conference and the” Yuan Cosmic Industry Innovation and Investment Forum “successfully held in Changchun.These media platforms on the left poster are not easy to block.

2. Vote, please go to the following website block, information aesthetics -differential conference.Technology and application scenario (Henan Lecture Hall).

3. Artificial Intelligence and Yuan Universe (science fiction writer) in the science fiction-sci-fi.Meng Hongri used.That is, the WeChat public account [Life and Love] New Year’s Day in 2024 and welcome to leave a message: Promote the development of the Yuan universe industry, (Zhengzhou Youzhi) life.Liu Deyu-From auxiliary type to creation: Zero One Finance: Yuan Cosmic Programming-New Thinking of Future Education, Joy Programming.

4. In your mind, 2023 Yanyuan Ye dialect.The 10 lectures of the Yuan Cosmic Salon are: December 26th, Zhengzhou’s strategic emerging industries and future industrial development work experience series exchanges.”Ye Yurui: New Quality Productivity Provides Technical and Concept Support for the Yuan Universe.”

5. I was also very pleased to find: Yaoqian block, expert’s recommendation life.It will affect the invitation of the future guests of Yanyuan Ye dialect.In the past one or two months.On December 22, Jilin Changchun’s first China Yuan Cosmic Conference was used on the day.

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