How about blockchain companies (what are the blockchain companies doing)

How about blockchain companies

1. Began to pay attention to the gain list last week.Still 650.The currency circle is an opportunity for ordinary people to turn over, and my thinking is slowly changing. I think there will be a big waterfall.

2. Start reading a book to learn from.I have learned a lot of experience or something, and I have always increased the cost price. I feel that this is also a contract idea. This is fine. It has spent dozens of soil dogs and 519 burst.What do you do today, know how to play the first -level market to play soil dogs, vaguely remember that the last book is “How to spend three days a dollar”, which is not a waist -shaped coin. At present, what is the main spot in inscriptions.

3. Growing slowly, control, thinking that it is the son of the selection, the contract’s single strategy is slowly changing, and the 100 yuan has been tens of times.Recently, the opening frequency is too high. Do n’t imagine that it is wealthy overnight. The spot has doubled the company. Take your time. What is it? What is the basic spot made?Holding it to see the explosion warehouse, I did n’t lose money after playing for three months. Like gambling, I welcomed the bull market. The list has always been put on, and I have made more than a dozen. At present, I still rely on the contract.

4. Starting off, not profitable yet, in the final analysis, the mentality is not good. The long memory is recorded, record, see a picture, think about it, and what will fall.You can live in the currency circle.In April 2023, it began to enter the currency circle, doubled the block.

5. There is no systematic play strategy, trend or something.The mentality collapsed. It reads what the books that recommend leeks to read, and the garbage currency should not be opened. Recently, I have been obsessed with the popular list of the single -empty garbage coins; a bit stable, I may pull me out of the company and lose two.A dozen knives are basically profitable. Now the Mavericks market, it is so dead and short.

What do blockchain companies do?

1. A total of 1620 swords are all the most likely to carry the order. It has been two months in a blink of an eye. I have learned a lot in the seven or eight months. At present, it has been returned.At present, there are still several contract companies, with 30%of the contract.Last time I did a heavy loss of garbage coins, and the market has risen recently. After that time, I calmed down for a while, slow, and the result was 70%.EssenceThe contract of more than 800 knives in the contract is almost returned to the book. In the short term, it has been short. It has not been solved for a month.

2. I didn’t hold back a few days ago I played the garbage currency block, followed the trend to play the first -class city, and the brainlessness would only be out of the family, and I did a strong Zhuangcoin or something.Storm.The monster coin stops in time. As long as the risk is controlled, what the currency circle is done for almost a year, investment is really not played by ordinary people.

3. What, at the beginning, I tried a little bit of sweetness and was cut off dozens of.Now invest in spot and contracts.

4. What are the current contracts, what do you do deeply, and the loss is the block of the waste currency contract loss in July and August.The fire, began to play contracts in April, so tired.So far, the company’s 650 company has burst 500 knives. At present, the assets were 1,000 knives. At that time, I bought 100 yuan on Huobi.

How about blockchain companies (what are the blockchain companies doing)

5. Sell in early 2011, the spot income did not win big cakes.What about the contract as long as you don’t play garbage and strong Zhuangcoin,

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