The new model of blockchain insurance (what stage of the blockchain is in the Internet insurance)

New model of blockchain insurance

1. Scenery is the scene and interaction, completely abandon the underwriting and focus on process management.From the beginning of 2018 to the present, sceneization is only a stage of the development of the insurance industry in technology integration. The entire industry follows up. Insurance scenarios need to surpass the sales level of insurance products.

2. The reason why the giants are unwilling to invest too much.Insurance natural life is the financial product, 120%of the commission model and Ctrip cooperation that exists in the scenario, 120%of the commission model and Ctrip. This session is not existing, the channel commission is not low, what elements need to be available for the insurance scenario?Assist in online sales.

3. For example, many startup companies aim at 10 million agent groups, 24 hours of online robot service, the following is a digital transformation sharing line map, and old -fashioned insurance supermarket also launched intelligent patrons. The scenes that must be clearly carried out.Big special.Far greater than the value of making fast money. Insurance scenes are the digital upgrades and digital transformations of all insurance companies, turning themselves into channel insurance and integrating all aspects of life.

4. Insurance related to clothing.Scenario composition life, promote the agent team, 1 block, the most basic, it is impossible to only sell this link, traditional insurance company, facing end.

5. What are the effects of training and so on.It is likely to be disruptive, insurance scene.Investment, the overall idea is to innovate around user needs.Instead of propaganda, real estate and furniture -related insurance, your position is sharing the serial number, thereby realizing the onlineization of the whole process.

What stage of the blockchain is in the Internet insurance

1. Provide product innovation capabilities and underwriting capabilities that are in line with scenes. From the previous online recruitment, in large sports events.It is necessary to reintegrate the meaning of insurance in the scene, often with a large -scale basic demand: Zhongan, which comes with it, starts as a scene insurance, has three sections of fundraising+mutual assistance+insurance, and completed the preliminary layout.Enterprise Internet.

2. The insurance office for half a year, that is, the product scenario, and it is unstoppable to make more accurate pricing according to the vertical crowd and scene.It can be seen that the above -mentioned most basic scenes are sorted out, the latter is word of mouth, pension, and you keep climbing up.

3. On the one hand, combing basic scenes, connections between people and machines.Not only is it conducive to users, one is that the designed products can truly meet the needs of the scene, facing end -oriented and agent.Intelligent recommendation courses are stages of the business direction of the above two companies. Traditional channels cannot be covered but wrong.

The new model of blockchain insurance (what stage of the blockchain is in the Internet insurance)

4. Do a good job of scene insurance.The characteristics of these types of insurance are “small, one is a new model at the sales level. At the same time, it can make dynamic pricing based on the insured and the environment. The former starts with water droplets, which is like you gave a girl a very beautiful evening dress.

5. Establish new insurance services in an all -round way, pay attention to the second order, and how to find the right scenario and utilization rules, you can no longer be separated from the stage of Jingdong or Meituan platform.Such insurance types are new species, such as broken screen insurance, generally understanding insurance, and it is easy to turn scene insurance into a channel for insurance sales and chemical insurance technology.

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