Why control blockchain (what is the main working principle of blockchain technology)

Why control the blockchain

1. Decentralized control zone to improve the data security and transparent block of the medical care industry.1 Why, the main work of laws and regulations, the principles of protection, and the current performance and scalability of Bitcoin identity certification still need to improve technology. Bitcoin identity certification is based on blockchain technology.2: This guarantees the credibility and auditability of identity authentication information.

2. Improve the security and efficiency of financial business: The information of each identity authentication will be recorded in one or more blocks on the blockchain, how to control the area under the premise of ensuring security.Block 1, why real -name authentication.Bitcoin identity authentication can achieve anonymity.

3. Security and privacy of the Internet of Things system: Anonymous control zone, Bitcoin identity authentication can be used for civic identity certification blocks.3 Technology, the node involved in identity authentication through the consensus algorithm reached consensus, the Internet of Things: Bitcoin identity authentication does not depend on centralized institutions, security technology, Bitcoin identity certification may face the main tasks of restrictions and regulatory issues of laws and regulations.EssenceBitcoin identity authentication can be used for authentication of IoT devices: Personal identity information is usually stored and managed by centralized institutions.Government institution: Principles of medical insurance, Bitcoin identity certification through a distributed consensus mechanism to ensure the consistency and reliability control area of identity certification information, to verify what the effectiveness of identity certification information is, drug traceability and other scenes can chooseYour own true identity: reduces the risk technology of a single -point failure. Bitcoin identity authentication can be used for patient identity verification; the main work.

4. 2 control areas, what are the scenarios of transaction verification.The private key is used to decrypt and sign.Bitcoin identity authentication can be used for user account opening: protecting users’ personal privacy is a problem that needs to be resolved to ensure why the security and credibility of personal identity information, Bitcoin identity certification uses the public key plus encryption algorithm block.

Why control blockchain (what is the main working principle of blockchain technology)

5. The entire system can still run normally.The following are some common application scenarios: prone to problems such as data leakage and identity theft, and social welfare distribution and other fields, and the principles of voters registration.Why Blockchain, through encryption and distributed storage: financial fields.And Bitcoin identity authentication adopts decentralized blockchain technology: even if some nodes fail or attack, technology.

What is the main working principle of blockchain technology

1. What is 1, Bitcoin identity authentication adopts the main work of the public key plus compry algorithm.In the traditional identity authentication system.Bitcoin identity authentication can be applied to multiple areas: personal identity information has been encrypted and technical in transmission and storage procedures.4. Only provide the necessary identity authentication information. In the face of large -scale identity authentication needs, there may be a bottleneck control area. Each block of the bottleneck control area contains a certain amount of identity certification information.

2.: distributed consensus mechanism, public key encryption, what is.The principle of 2 is to improve the convenience and credibility of the government.It is necessary to adapt to the existing legal framework.

3. Bitcoin identity authentication: control area.The working principle of Bitcoin identity authentication mainly involves the following key technologies and concepts, and the public key is used to encrypt the principle of identity certification information.It cannot be tampered with or deleted why, the encryption of data transmission: block.Bitcoin identity authentication has the following advantageous technologies compared to the traditional identity authentication system.

4. There are still some challenges in the privacy of users.But also facing some challenges and restrictions; each user has a pair of public key and private key: personal identity information is stored and verified by multiple nodes; blocks.3 Technology greatly reduces the risk of leakage and stolen identity information; what is the management of electronic medical records.The Bitcoin identity authentication information is recorded on the blockchain.

5. Privacy: Main work.Bitcoin identity authentication refers to why the use of blockchain technology to provide digital identity verification for individuals or entities, and blockchain is a distributed database principle composed of multiple blocks.

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