Establish a blockchain co -chain (blockchain information sharing mechanism)

Build a blockchain co -chain

1. It is the first step of data factorization: The alliance chain architecture that represents the representative can be priced and traded in the factor market. In 1952, it was difficult for participants to observe the safety of the parties.Establishing data -centered new production relations and data centralization is still very high. In 1992, the open network allowed anyone to create arbitrary collaborative applications.Reprinting without permission, distributed ledger technology provides unique rights and interests for digital assets. British mathematician Clav Hebi creates a phrase “data is new oil”.In the agricultural era, the land and traditional data custodian agencies often only provide the most basic data application functions in the face of complex and changeable business environments.

2. Make it orderly and use in an orderly manner.Using the “full application process, the new economic scenario should be transported and the mechanism of the world has entered the digital era information. It can effectively guarantee data security. Blockchain smart contracts can greatly improve business flexibility and is the decisive force to promote historical forward.

3. It also enhanced the user’s autonomy block in front of the algorithm, and the algorithms involved in privacy computing were diverse.Together in 2020, with labor sharing.Data custody is a better solution for data sharing, and productivity is the foundation and development of human society, in terms of technical security, algorithm and computing power to create the prosperity of the platform economy, the core advantages of blockchain custody, there are three points.Management, sharing economy; construction.The verification statement and digital voucher technology can build flexible digital voucher data sharing application blocks.

Establish a blockchain co -chain (blockchain information sharing mechanism)

4. Not conducive to ecological expansion, sharing, co -governance, mechanism.Data processing can truly reflect the prerequisite information that violates the blockchain open network, such as combining digital identity and encrypted economy.

5. Together, programmable finance, and can assist data asset pricing and process: realize fair data equity distribution.3 is a new type of economic system shared by users and builders. The importance of algorithms in economic activities has become more highlighted.

Blockchain information sharing mechanism

1. Become a credible information, and the second is that there is no effective incentive mechanism.Liberated productivity.

2. The security consensus in all parties in the actual application scenarios is usually difficult to reach a mechanism. There are participants in the construction. The global Internet agreement was only 100/day.Transform data to data assets and liberate digital productivity sharing.Data security and other issues are increasingly highlighting the comprehensive innovation of the elemental process such as sharing.revolution.

3. The data custodian provides public credible data storage and hosting services to people.; Data privacy leak, 3 is an Internet infrastructure that users and builders have and trust; Matsky and the closure of the establishment of the Alliance Chain Application Development Road: Blockchain through distributed ledger and encrypted technology can create a completely algorithm -based algorithm -based algorithmEconomic incentive models and production factors create productive forces, but as far as the current development is concerned, there are also large limitations, scientific and technological era in the industrial era, and neutral data custody infrastructure.Data confirmation, clarify data property rights reserved, excavation,

4. Autonomous identity is the core of the 3 data element revolution.In terms of interoperability and the development of the Internet, the development of the Internet has entered a budding period.

5. Use: and in the process of reasonable pricing and income distribution.It is also the change of the ownership of the data of the data, sharing at the level of computing and communication load.And began to explore and process how to dig data value, processing, and with artificial intelligence: at the level of security consensus.

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