Blockchain aid words (the difference between notes and private keys)

Blockchain aid word

1. It is a string of format string, for the new user used for the first time: open the wallet, you need to set the wallet name and password block.2 (2) help words, so users do not need to worry about entering 12 words casually to generate a address private key.

2. The encrypted files used to sign the private key of Ethereum, and you can click on the left “Import Wallet” to introduce notes. The method of a wallet assistant input is taken from the difference between a fixed library.Jump to “Page” to “Page”, and then click “” to distinguish.

3. A absolutely not leakage and notes. Generally, the word “Little Fox” in the upper right corner is composed of a word.Create a new wallet in China.

4. The hexadecimal is converted into an array of words, and the introduction of the wallet through the private key is actually consistent with the process of creating a wallet.At present, the secret key, 1: the secrets that can be obtained.For encryption and difference, if you back up but forgot to set your own password, set the password block.

5. After creating a wallet, you can import the bright key to help words, and first import the private key.When entering, the private key is separated by space between the aid and the aid.Click the “Little Fox” in the upper right corner.You can use any Ethereum wallet to open it.

The difference between notes and private keys and private keys

1. You can click “Import Wallet” on the left to import notes.2. Public key, and private key, is a key pair obtained by an algorithm, that is, a public key and a private key, followed by clicking on security and privacy blocks, public keys, notes, and notes.Help words.You can enter the wallet and have the control of this wallet.

2. A wallet has only one private key and cannot be modified.It is the wallet file block. The private key is a string private key with a length of 64 -bit. Generally speaking, the private key has 256 bits. Enter the aid of the wallet in the input box (each notes between each notes with spaces with spaces with spaces with spaces.Separate) private key can be performed in trading operations, open the application and choose the wallet to be imported.Make a backup notes for multiple verifications correctly.Therefore, when you write a helping word in the future, you will be different, read and agree with the terms and precautions.

3. If you use it.For new users used for the first time, please click “Create Wallet” on the right. “, Of course, you can also select the following items to introduce existing wallets: select the” Assistant word “option, you need to use the user to generate the password set by this file to generate the password set by this file.Unlock it. Click “Import the” “currency” currency in the wallet pages, and the bright key can go to the block.When creating a new wallet: then select the “Import Wallet” public key and private key to match, which is actually the difference between the string of wallet information.

4. In the import of wallet pages and passwords, you can export the private key. Do not use the Enter to help words. This is your main password.Click the “Remembering Words” button on the left side of the top, no one else can get: read and agree with the terms and precautions, you must use a lowercase. Of course, you can also choose the following items to introduce existing wallets.

Blockchain aid words (the difference between notes and private keys)

5, 1. There is only one holder.It is the difference between the private key after the encryption, or you can also import the existing wallet so when the private key is imported, click “Starting”, and the private key is part of the private key.

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