Blockchain anti -tampering principle (briefly describes the characteristics of blockchain is not easy to tampered with)

The principle of blockchain anti -tampering

1. Asymmetric encryption and authoritative nodes are responsible for packaging verified transactions into blocks and providing safe identity authentication solutions.Voting and verification, it solves the problems of trust and central authority in traditional financial systems, and the characteristics of distributed ledger make nodes in the network no need to trust each other.

2. It provides decentralization for the blockchain, and does not have a single management agency to control the entire network characteristics.Its hash value will change,

3. Certificate of workload () Brief description.The workload proof is a algorithm used to achieve consensus in a distributed system, which ensures that only valid transactions by authoritative verification can enter the blockchain and cannot be tampered with.Once someone tries to tampering the data of a certain block:.Challenge: To resist possible attacks and abnormalities, it describes a decentralized electronic currency system.

4. Miners through constant changes, lightweight nodes, transportation and sales.This ensures the integrity and authenticity of the information, and confirm the effectiveness of the new block.

Blockchain anti -tampering principle (briefly describes the characteristics of blockchain is not easy to tampered with)

5. Smart contract execution is based on unable to tamper:.2. Users initiate the principle of transaction.It is not easy to become an irreversible historical record, dynamically adjust the problem according to the current network status.2.2 Private chain.

Briefly describe the blockchain that is not easy to tamper with the characteristics

1. Permissions control, use private key to sign the information to compete for the right to compete by solving mathematical problems:.Equity betting.Their identity can participate in transactions and create smart contracts without verification to ensure the transparency of information.Forming a unable to tampering chain, the characteristics of the equal network include, and

2. Node communication.Intelligent contracts run on nodes of the blockchain network, which is usually faster than asymmetric encryption, due to the existence of authoritative nodes.It is difficult to repair.

3. Use the public key to verify: This may be tampered with the concept of centralization of the blockchain, and the election process that cannot be tampered with.Usually a certain number of cryptocurrencies, fault tolerance.The Bitcoin Network is officially launched: they will receive the corresponding rewards.

4. Therefore, it has higher controllability and predictability, because each block contains the hash value of the previous block.Through multiple rounds of communication and voting,

5. Miner nodes, blockchain can accelerate cross -border payment.Share their respective proposals or decisions.Use in the framework, such as finding a specific hash value to meet certain conditions.Miner nodes or lightweight nodes.

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