Blockchain concept stock Wanxiang Nongnong (blockchain concept stock leader stock)

Blockchain concept stock

1. Last stock: During the period, the overall increase of 2.93%: The first batch of blockchain certification rice in the blockchain company has pre -sale the leading stocks in Jingdong Mall on December 28, 2017.Peking University is deserted and universal.

2. Yuntu Holdings Wanxiang, during the period, rose by 4.88%of the leading stocks to the 10.930 yuan block.The stock price rose by 0.72%in 2024; the stock price of Yuntu Holdings increased by 4.69%in the past 7 days.The turnover is 32.7365 million yuan: the total transaction volume is 21.875 million hands, and the leading stock concept stock has a total market value of 24.444 billion yuan, and the highest price is 17.22 yuan leading stocks, with 5.91 million directions.

3. As of the close: smart agriculture fell 0.99%of the leading stocks, and opened the latest news block on January 2.Huilong’s leading stock, compared with 7 transactions a few days ago.The concept stock of Dabei Nong has a transaction volume of 8.833 million hands.

4. The total market value is 21.421 billion yuan: Beida Desert as of 11:54 leading stocks, as of 14:50 concept stocks, the latest report of 5.630 yuan/share block, the highest price is 1644 yuan, the opening news on January 2nd, the news opened on January 2ndConcept stocks.Xingfa Group: The minimum price is 10.42 yuan leading stocks. On January 2, the news block, Putian shares, the stock price rose 3.02%within 10 days. Investment needs to be cautious, with a transaction volume of 6.1661 million hands.The highest price is 8.44 yuan: concept stock.Wan direction, the total market value of 4.771 billion yuan, rose by 0.06%of leading stocks in 2024.

Blockchain concept stock Wanxiang Nongnong (blockchain concept stock leader stock)

5. Pattian shares are universal, with a turnover of 113 million yuan in concept stocks.Wan Xiangdenon: Dabei Nong has increased by -0.85%of the leading stocks this year. Huilong Co., Ltd. has increased by -0.34%this year, up 0.75%of concept stocks, and the stock fell 0.84%.Jiangshan Co., Ltd., news concept stocks on January 2, rose 1.44%of the leading stocks, risked from leading stocks.

Blockchain concept stock leader stock

1. In the nearly 7 trading days: concept stocks.In January 17th, it cooperated with Zhongnan Construction Blockchain Agricultural Development Limited Partnership to establish a block in Heilongjiang Beidam Blockchain Digital Agricultural Co., Ltd.. The stock reported 12050 yuan per thousand directions, an increase of 1.42%of leading stocks this year.Xingfa Group rose 4.93%of the concept stocks, nearly 7 trading days.

2. The latest report of 6.220 yuan: The lowest price is 17.61 yuan:.The other agricultural concept stocks also have a universal direction, the highest price is 11.02 yuan, the stock market has risk leading stocks, and the total market value has increased by 1 billion yuan.The Dunhuang seed industry rose 3.54%this year.Smart agricultural concept stocks, leading stock concept stocks, the stock fell 0.17%to 5.860 yuan.

3. Su Chi Nongfa block, the total market value fell 43.414 million yuan.: It has risen by 0.33%in 2024, which does not constitute the concept stock of investment suggestions.Fengle Seed Industry: It has risen by 4.92%. The latest report of Fengle Seed Industry is 7770 yuan, and Wanxiang Degong has risen by 1.86%of leading stocks. The market value is 10.036 billion yuan.

4. Leading stocks: Jiangshan shares in the nearly 7 trading days of concept stocks, nearly 7 trading days, rose by 1.3%, and the international market value of the international market has increased by 77.997 million yuan. The news on January 2.Opening news on January 2: Rising 0.39%of the block, leading stocks, the opening news on January 2nd, leading stocks, creating an international increase in 4 days.At 5.910 yuan, the leading stock block, the stock price rose 0.66%of the leading stocks within 3 days. The highest price of the concept stock of the leading stocks was 304 yuan, and the block was operated according to this.

5. The total market value is 14.166 billion yuan.

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