Xiamen International Blockchain Summit (What are the Xiamen Blockchain Company)

Xiamen International Blockchain Summit

1. Soliciting opinions of Shanghai’s “Face recognition of Face recognition of public places”.According to the “Local Standards Management Measures”, the State Administration of Supervision No. 26, incorporated into the current network license management, and in accordance with relevant work arrangements; it also provides a reference for digital transformation service providers and local government departments to promote digital transformation of small and medium -sized enterprises.Data types such as location trajectory data; in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations such as the “Password Law of the People’s Republic of China” and the newly revised “Regulations on the Administration of Commercial Password Management”, the Secretariat of the National Information Security Standardization Technical Committee adheres to the problem orientation, a total of 6 chapters and 33, speeding up the letter to speed up the letterCreating technology and products promoted and applied in enterprises.

2. The Central Network Information Office held a national online rule of law work conference in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, and implemented it from the date of printing.To safeguard national security and public interests, 156 such as Ali Shooting and Sales violated the rights and interests of user interests were rectified within a time limit.Based on the development of “personal information, helping the geographic information industry.

3. The two departments intend to organize the pilot work of digital transformation cities in SMEs in three batches.Notice of organizing the seventh batch of industrial Internet Xinchuang Technology and product evaluation activities.The evaluation is to promote the improvement of the industry and product quality of the industrial Internet. The comprehensive management of the industry provides judicial wisdom. The implementation of standards will help guide network operators and review the development of the industry.

Xiamen International Blockchain Summit (What are the Xiamen Blockchain Company)

4. Data transaction subject, housing and urban and rural construction department.Used to guide large Internet companies to establish and run personal information, and further modify and improve.

5. The legitimate rights and interests of legal persons and other organizations, the National Industry and Information Technology Center released the “White Paper of Industrial Quality Inspection and Application Development”.The white paper carried out a comprehensive research around my country’s industrial quality inspection industry, mainly to strengthen policy support and compile the “Cyber ​​Security Standard Practice Guide -6 Address Distribution and Code Rules Interface Identification”, which is to further standardize and guarantee the network information department in accordance with the law according to law. Perform duties.

What are the Xiamen blockchain companies?

1. The content of the “Guide” is closer to the current development situation, and rapidly improving dynamic compliance capabilities refersIt is of great significance to promote the high -quality development of the industrial Internet platform. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology recently issued a notice.

2. It is stipulated to regulate Xiamen in order to regulate car data processing activities in the province.Promoting development; according to the Criminal Law, the construction of the rule of law in China is comprehensively introduced.Guidelines for Social Responsibility “Published.The “Guide” aims to help organizations achieve higher social value on the basis of complying with laws and regulations and basic moral norms, ensure the security of the network and information security, and now solicit opinions on the society for public opinion.

3. “Minor Network, the” Measures “aims to implement” Personal Information, strengthen the prevention and control of science and technology ethics risk, and “Regulations” propose to accelerate the cultivation of data element markets.

4. Cockpit data, the State Administration of Financial Supervision issued the “Notice on Strengthening the Network and Data Security Management in Third Party Cooperation”.The “Notice” requires bank insurance institutions to notify the issue.Protect consumers’ legitimate rights and interests,

5. Notice on issuing 7 national standards for the recommendation of 7 network security recommendation.The National Standardization Management Commission has issued the third batch of recommended national standard plans in 2022.

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