Hunan Blockchain Policy (List of Blockchain Government Support)

Hunan blockchain policy

1. The benchmark industry benchmarking enterprises sort out the advantages and disadvantages of enterprises; Hunan, excavation technology breaks through the government.Understand user characteristics and demand preferences; help enterprises better optimize and adjust the southern district of the business model, dig a view of development opportunities in the area, and take advantage of the trend; fully understand the characteristic blocks of existing market entities.Identify the economic cycle policy and sort out policy opportunities in the southern district.The transformation of scientific research results.

Hunan Blockchain Policy (List of Blockchain Government Support)

2. Analysis of the economic characteristics of the industry, supply and demand/competition/profit/growth.Analysis of industry market characteristics, periodic/seasonal/regional.Overall grasping the human environment background analysis of the industry’s development characteristics, labor costs, etc., Hunan.

3. New technologies, timely adjustment of competition strategies and rhythm, currency supply and other analysis of macroeconomic indicators.Analysis of investment opportunities, weak links in the industrial chain/segment/regional market/blank spots, etc.Investment strategies and suggestions, existing enterprises/new entryrs/investment institutions, etc.

4. Sustainable development suggestions, internal/industry specifications/government supervision, etc.Master the business strategy of leading enterprises, optimize the adjustment of strategic planning, and list.Learn from the development and application of high -quality enterprise business strategies, new processes, and new materials.The achievements of scientific research innovation, patent, grasping development direction blocks, grasping capital operation strategies; innovative marketing methods Hunan, strengthening financing strategies; grasping effective demand gaps and profitable space governments.

5. Grasp the support of policy trends and open up the blue ocean city block.Industrial added value Hunan.

List of Blockchain Government Support

1. Analysis of the characteristics of enterprise development, the number of enterprises/registered capital distribution/regional distribution/type distribution/type distribution/enterprise innovation situation/enterprise operating risk/corporate financing layout.31 Provincial and municipal corporate characteristics comparison (capital layout comparison/science and technology strength comparison/operating risk comparison.

2. Analysis of product/service supply capacity, production capacity/production line/production base/product service characteristics/product technology self -sufficient self -sufficient rate, etc.Analysis of product/service supply level, capacity utilization rate/output value/output value/product service category.Analysis of industry demand scale, shipments/sales/user customer scale/sales, etc.The market trend analysis and prediction, the price level and price index change.

3. Basic characteristics of users, age distribution/gender distribution/income structure/area distribution/academic distribution, etc.Basic characteristics of government -enterprise customers, customer regional distribution/customer type distribution/customer value distribution, etc.

4. Users/customer consumption requirements characteristics, purchase method/purchase channel/purchase time/product service price preference/product service performance feature preference.Market competition layout, competitors’ entry process/regional distribution thermal map/strategic layout of competitors.

5. Analysis of market competition pattern, competitive cluster distribution/competitive echelon level/corporate market share ratio/corporate ranking/competitive trend, etc.International market participation, international dynamics/international market entry model/international business strategy.Analysis of regional layout conditions, resource layout/corporate distribution thermal map/production pattern/demand pattern.Regional cluster development analysis, regional cluster development trend/industrial park construction, etc.

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