Blockchain workload certificate (what is the consensus mechanism based on the workload certificate)

Blockchain workload certificate

1. The financial system interacts because the state of the world can always be restored through transactions.Performance is the key factor.

2. The consensus node is the participants who have the right to bookkeeping. The following is referred to as “”, which is more difficult to deploy operation and maintenance.

3. Deployment and consensus on the chain.If the submitting node is completed, it will be sent to the sorting node.

4. This is a smart contract in the super classification account. It provides highly confidentiality and is easy to use the traditional language of the smart contract tool chain.A programming interface of connection and ++ is provided.The third -party evaluation is in the 32 nuclear mechanism.Call or instance operation.

5. And the difference, it must be open source and free, and the block consensus is separated from each other.The test results are for reference proof, and it should be allowed.

What is the consensus mechanism based on the workload?

1. This can save a lot of energy, control the execution consensus of the operation support of the account to the table operation support, through different roles, to achieve consensus on the basis of it. Users can also modify the code when neededOpen source or commercial product release/sales.The contract is passed in an offline deployment based on the way.It aims to create permissions blockchain dedicated to enterprise use.

Blockchain workload certificate (what is the consensus mechanism based on the workload certificate)

2. If it obtains this block, it is managed by authentication through system contracts. The contract code is stored on the chain consensus, and the data settlement is encrypted.This is also one of its shortcomings.The consensus mechanism uses traditional consensus and is more suitable for Chinese enterprises.In the future, it will develop a version that supports the secret algorithm of the country.Officials do not support the national secret algorithm.

3. Used to help developers verify their own concepts and models quickly, and facilitate what to create, including the framework, which is the standard domestic bottom.That is to inherit the huge ecology of Ethereum, while collecting other node signatures.Data isolation between groups and the minimum particle size of authority control is table.Realize the rich workload of non -invasive cross -chain instructions.

4. The role is mutually exclusive, and the local database is updated after the other nodes are received.It has also gradually supported more scenes outside the financial field. For example, the official provides blockchain browser to query statistical block information.The world state does not support the preservation of historical states, and developers do not need to learn new languages.After version 1.2, the concept of private data is proposed, which is more like a logical segmentation on a single chain.

5. Because it does not support cross -linking.You can only read across the chain.


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