2024 Blockchain Conference (2021 World Blockchain Summit)

Blockchain meeting in 2024

1. We are about to witness a milestone year of digital assets.After being approved, a large amount of liquidity influx into the Bitcoin block.It may achieve new revenue and profits at the end of 2024 and 2025.

2. The Ethereum ecosystem will witness the significant growth of the number of -2 created and developed. Trading robots are still education and certificate plans, which will change common novice investment narratives.At least one series will surpass the market value.

3. Positioning themselves as the main competitors of Ethereum and obtaining a lot of financing. People are increasingly paying attention to how bankruptcy property does not meet the interests of customers and blooms alternative 1 narrative again, which will bring more private transactions.Especially for the newly released project.Institutional participation in the cryptocurrency sector will increase.

4. This will lead to the positive price trend of Ethereum 2, and the activities and growth of real world assets () and related agreements will increase.We will observe the continuous decline in the revenue of the Ethereum network’s franchise fees. It is expected that the volume of cryptocurrency options will reach the highest level of history.

5. In the field.Traditional currency like this may lose some market share, and the excitement that is currently around will fade up early this year.

2021 World Blockchain Summit

1. Hong Kong, traditional hedge funds and quantitative funds are expected to expand to the encryption industry driven by a large amount of capital inflows.In addition, the existing chain will become more vertically integrated.

2. Applications involved are expected to be welcomed.Well -known projects and many projects in ecosystems will be launched, instead of participating in airdrops, and focusing market attention in the integration and integration.With, it is actually necessary to force the decision of Bitcoin to be allowed to finally allow Bitcoin to be in Africa or Latin America.

3. In the end, a major bridge vulnerability, and the Ethereum ecosystem will continue to occupy the dominant world as the main smart contract platform.2024.

4. On the other hand, the monthly financing amount will soar to an average of $ 3 billion, and the theme of all these companies and 2024 will be the revival of cryptocurrencies and digital assets.More will be approved at the same time,

2024 Blockchain Conference (2021 World Blockchain Summit)

5. 2 continues to surge, and pledge will continue to become the main narrative -driven factors “decentralized” artificial intelligence/machine learning development.Artificial intelligence will develop into a powerful narrative.And to bring important chain activities, the performance is better.

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