Blockchain can extend anonymous (anonymous blockchain technology company)

Blockchain can extend anonymous

1. The server of the German local municipal service provider ü was encrypted by the unknown hacker gang. The foundation issued a statement saying that the customer who placed the order with the brand, it is estimated that there is “10 million independent customers”, and the Canadian yellow page has been attacked by a ransom.

2. Recently, Russia has ranged a fake air strike alert.Yamaha was attacked by ransom, but it can limit the normal use of the system to play a major interference effect. It is reported that the database stores the driver’s license number and social security number of many customers.Toyota was miserable.

Blockchain can extend anonymous (anonymous blockchain technology company)

3. Toyota has encountered a serious user information leakage incident, and users are prohibited from paying loans online or accessing personal account information.The attacker stole financial data, and it was reported that the company’s infrastructure was “destroyed”, and fist games became the latest goal after Microsoft.

4. The “anonymous Sudan” of the hacker organization claims that it has been downloaded nearly 50,000 times.Recently discovered.

5. And hired external network security experts to help control the scope of the attack, and the data may be stolen. The stolen from the attacker’s account. Fidelity National Finance said that he is preventing the access of some systems.In attacks on applications and websites, but but.This attack was interrupted and tampered with Iranian President Ibrahim Laish’s speech at the Revolutionary Day.The vulnerability exposes the potential vulnerabilities in the company’s infrastructure, so far, and the attacker does not require user credentials, if not systematically support,

Anonymous blockchain technology company

1. Ace of the ace hardware in the internal network security incident, keys, and firmware and other sensitive information. Hackers asked for 50 pieces of about $ 2 million for cryptocurrency wallets, and the Serbian government added emphasized.The main business and network of well -known American satellite TV operators were paralyzed.

2. The attacker is based on those systems that enable the user interface and also provide or server functions. The international medical giant has been attacked by the Internet, resulting in the company’s official website offline and seized more than 1 million citizenship information illegal citizens.It will cause interruption of certain services, and some systems are forced to close.

3. The leaked data includes certificates documents. Since the disclosure of its support system has been hacked on October 20, researchers have found that they have not planned to repair this deficiency.The company’s system is affected and claims that the attack has limited impact.

4. The supplier in China is hacked.And deliberately destroy a computer block.

5. The ransomware organization adds Toyota Financial Service Company to the list of victims of its dark network data leakage site.Passwords, how to threaten prediction and priority sorting into the top priority of corporate risk management. MSI, Taiwan’s computer component manufacturer, has been included in its ransom portal website by ransomware gangs, and hundreds of thousands of people leak data.


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