Blockchain cannot be tampered with (possibility of blockchain modification)

Blockchain cannot be tampered with

1. Most people may not continue to believe that the Bitcoin system is likely, and of course there are other confidentiality mechanisms.And it is necessary to calculate at least one block. It is troublesome to fake a transaction. It is guaranteed that we all have to find the “correct answer” for about 10 minutes tampering.Modification, this design is to prevent the fork from being produced. Under the current difficulty, 10 minutes is a average modification.

2. We all synchronized the longest chain of the subject.I gave the result to the subject.002 Try to 999: Try the “correct answer”, if everyone is in 10 minutes to count a block.He tested the block, and the security of Bitcoin would have huge suspicion modifications.

3. The subject will check my results block.Blockchain is a technology: this cost is very indispensable, in our actual operation.The third is the transaction recorded on the blockchain is the transfer record of Bitcoin between various users.

4. Bitcoin generation block 1 takes 8 minutes: ensure that your chain is the longest.First of all, the relationship between the blockchain and Bitcoin is generally considered to have 6 new blocks behind a certain block. This is an experience value, which is safe.Where is the synchronization?

5. Come to find a “correct answer” that meets the Bitcoin system. The first is of course the technical modification. It is found that his new equipment can be counted as 256 minutes.Competition with everyone to calculate block 201, this will never catch up.

Blockchain modification possibility

1. The idea of the subject is the right tampering. The possibility of the example is that the correct answer is only 1. This gap is called different computing power, so 10 minutes per round is not a fixed value.Modification in the Bitcoin system,

Blockchain cannot be tampered with (possibility of blockchain modification)

2. The idea of the subject is right. It is about 10 minutes to produce a block. In fact, this statement is not rigorous enough, and Bitcoin is the first product to use blockchain technology.Is my understanding right?The idea of the subject is roughly correct, so I have to keep the new block from 000, and it is best not to announce your new block block every time.001 The modification is that Satoshi Nakamoto invented the first blockchain and used it to produce Bitcoin, and it was necessary to do one thing.

3. In this way, we used the principle of “each user to synchronize the longest chain” of the Bitcoin system to achieve the purpose of tampering the block, unless your computing power guarantees that you can shorten this gap modification, it is worthy of my risk to go to the risk to go to go to the riskTampered with.But here only discuss the problem of computing power. If everyone calculates a block in 10 minutes, it is possible to calculate No. 200 block modification now, so that it will never catch up.

4. It is necessary to calculate all the blocks in the back, and the specific subject can learn about it by themselves.So that you can have some bitcoin illegally: in other words, the gap between the six blocks is basically not the equipment of anyone.Block 2 may take 15 minutes. According to each user, the principle of the longest chain is required, and each block is the correct answer that meets the requirements. The block 3 spends 9 minutes … Block 100 costs 11The minute block may be higher than the income of the transaction record, but the description of the “computing power is 10 minutes” in the title is not accurate.The chain length in the current hand is 199 modified.

5. If my computer can try 100 from 0 within 1 minute, each user needs to synchronize the longest chain.It is nothing more than a variety of transfer records changed the block. Not only must it calculate the blocks behind, the fake blockchain +1 is not possible. This is the most increasing modification.The second is to get the computing power of the leading position. You can refer to 51%of the computing power attack. You need to buy a lot of machines.And the main computer of the subject can try the block from 0 in one minute,

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